Game Of Thrones but with Normal 2016 Clothes

It was put to me that Game of Thrones only works as a work of dramatic television because of the clothes and accessories the characters wear. Swords, cloaks and animal hides are powerful tools that transform even the lamest appearances into icons of virtue. If you think a beard looks manly – try adding plate armour to his chest and sticking a couple of maces in his hands. Manly 2.0.   

The Mountain. Manly 2.0. Source

It’s easier to imagine a world filled with magic, blood, intrigue and gore when every lady on the screen is literally the-single-most-beautiful-person-in-the-world and every man looks like the Mountain.

So, was my challenger correct? Would my perception change if Sansa, Tyrion and Littlefinger were wearing something more casual? Something a little less… confrontational.

So, I have imagined GoT characters in modern, 2016, non-fighty clothes. Here they are:

Joffrey Baratheon

It’s easy to hate this guy. He’s a pesky, rat-like douchebag. If he lived in the modern world, he would be a spoiled brat with an obnoxious temper who’s all about the latest trends. So he’s like the worst type of hipster who can afford any trinket he wants. A guy who’s in the groove just for the sake of being in it. He probably has several unsuccessful attic startups (best idea ever!), tried himself in the role of a web designer who creates Infographics and his legs are literally vacuum sealed in those jeans. It’s hard to tell what he’ll be wearing next as his choices entirely depend on Milan’s perspective of fashion. Come winter his scarfs will keep getting bigger and bigger, though. Eventually Lenny Kravitz will take notice and there’ll be fisticuffs.  

Cersei Lannister


This femme fatale has narrowed her shopping habits to the Upper East Side, whatever that means. Bathed in Chanel as a child, her relationship with Louis Vuitton and brief romance with Vera are blossoming into something greater today. Nothing on her is allowed to cost less than $1000. She’s absolutely completely loaded, you see? Someone once gave her a pair of jeans from Primark, her fingertips didn’t understand the fabric, and she asked for a can opener so she could see what was inside.

Ramsay Bolton

What can fit a maniacal sociopath better than a trench coat? A well tailored suit, of course. American Psycho with Christian Bale style. That’s what good old ego-centric Ramsey would look like today. He probably wouldn’t have the same level of concern over his business cards though.  

Daenerys Targaryen


This lady evolves and so does her style. Vintage clothes were here favourite a few years ago – the 20s vintage. Today her ensembles are natural, gorgeous, slim and simple. Natural makeup paired with minor jewellery and a few dresses from Dolce & Gabbana are her look for today. Her dragon would wear a simple plaid jacket with pockets on it. She’d stick a few nibbles and treats in those dragon-jacket pockets too, she’s thrifty.

Tyrion Lannister

Dress appropriately is the golden rule of everyone’s favourite drunk (it’s a disease, folks, drink aware and look after each other out there). He prefers clothes and brands that fit his age and social status. Sweaters, striped shirts and tailored trousers are totally his thing. Comfort comes above looks for Tyrion. Comfort and pockets as deep as beer bottles.

Arya Stark

Still a teen, Arya loves to experiment with hairstyles, hoodies and kangaroo pants. She’s still working on forming her future self so contrasts of all shapes and sizes are applicable. “Will I be a goth, a punk, a sports gal, a hipster, a nerd, a sexy nerd?”, She asks herself. “The list of possibilities goes on and on,” she says, somewhat downhearted about the choices she’ll have to make as an adult. She can be seen wearing a gorgeous cocktail dress on a Monday morning and comfy sneakers with tight jeans and a Teen Titans T-Shirt on a Friday night. On a Wednesday she might wear a full bear suit or perhaps a three-piece all-denim suit. Who cares? Not Arya, not yet.

There you go, that’s it. I’m done now, I hope you have put in as much thought about this as I have.

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