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Up to 90 | Norma Foley and Jess Redden

Emma and Julie are back for 2021! ‘I always deflect attention away from my problems by over-acesssorizing’ On this episode they chat all things rugby stars and their partners keeping up the routines, and Julie finally weaning herself…

Up to 90 | Debs Dates and Claps for Flaps

On the latest episode of Up to 90, we talk our disastrous Debs stories. ‘You knew I was messing when I asked you to the Debs yeah?’ ‘Of COURSE’ This week  Emma is reminiscing about her first love - smoking and Julie is straddling…

Up To 90 | Shane Ritchie and ELIZABETH

This week on Up To 90 we are talking getting a carvery with Shane Ritchie, Alison Hammond moments, Emma is sleepwalking and Julie is sending illicit pictures to her dad. ’I once woke up to my mother blowdrying my hair as I slept’ ?