#49 | Sarah Devereux

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 49 – Sarah Devereux

On the latest episode Alison talks to performance artist and ‘art’ artist, Sarah Devereux. There is a startling Bosco impression, we discover that Alison is a patron of the arts and Sarah talks about The Magdalene Sisters, Choc ice-loving nuns, dashed dreams of being an archaeologist, bargain sarcophagi, Richie Kavanagh, a deep love for Nadine Coyle, multi-tasking, the external validation station and the commercial side of anxiety.

You can find Sarah’s merchandise at The Dirt Bird and her exhibition, Fun-erable is running at A4 Sounds until St. Patrick’s Day. Go check it out.

This episode was sponsored by Kinvara, True Skincare.

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