#71 | Evelyn Mok

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 71 – Evelyn Mok

In Episode 71 – recorded at Pritchard & Ure in London (the café that provides scones and emergency batteries) – Alison talks to comedian Evelyn Mok about Swedish stereotypes, whether Ikea has a heart, Holly Willoughby’s B&B, why facts don’t care about your feelings, a multi-cultural upbringing, stage fright, MCing a fire alarm, leaning into pettiness, making your own foie gras and Alison somehow ends up explaining the concept of Magdalene Laundries again.

Evelyn Mok is a Swedish comedian based in London. Follow her on Twitter for upcoming gigs.

Alison Spittle does stand-up comedy all the time because there’s no money in it. See alisonspittle.com or her Twitter for the latest tour dates.

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