#2 | Louise McSharry

In Episode Two, Louise McSharry of 2FM fame helps Alison rename “Snakebite”. They also find out they have a lot in common. Such as loving radio, hating cancer and ringing into phone shows pretending to be racist.

Alison asks Louise hard-hitting questions like if she’s ever met a terrorist and there might just be a story Louise self-titled “Two True Friends and The Phone at Electric Picnic”. It’s a modern-day fairytale.
Catch Louise live on 2FM from Sunday to Thursday at 8pm. Her book is called “Fat Chance” and her documentary is “Fuck Cancer”. Follow her on twitter @louisemcsharry 

Alison does stand-up comedy all the time because there’s no money in it. You can see her upcoming gigs on her website, alisonspittle.com. The cheese you just ate is fine. It’s supposed to look like that.
The Alison Spittle Show is a live chat show recorded every month(ish) at The Workman’s in Dublin. See upcoming shows and get tickets here.

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