The Behavioural Vaccine Podcast Released Today – Ep. 1 and 2

A new podcast has been released on the Headstuff Podcast Network.

The Behavioural Vaccine  is a series of short podcasts formed in the wake of these unprecedented times to explain evidence-based Behavioural Science in an accessible and meaningful way.

Each episode Organisational Behaviour expert Kate Feeney is joined by Behavioural Psychologist Pádraig Walsh to make sense of Behavioural Science and explore ways that we can use this knowledge to improve our health and happiness.

‘We see this as an essential public service’, according to Padraig, ‘and wish to ensure that families, communities, organisations and individuals have access to the strategies and approaches that will help them to stay safe and sane at this time.’

Episode 1 and 2 out now:

1. How the Macarena can help change our Hygiene Behaviour:

In this episode Pádraig & Kate look at the most important hygiene habits that we need to develop at this time, how we can use Nudge Theory to create crucial reminders and suggest a formula for creating your own “Hygiene Behaviour Support Plan”.

2. In Fairness!:

Today Kate & Pádraig examine how elements of Game Theory and The Prisoner’s Dilemma are playing out in real-life right now and how building social cohesion and promoting fairness at this time are key.

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