Episode 01: Against Repeal

Episode 01: Against Repeal

In this episode, Ciara meets a philosophy student who says he owes his life to the 8th Amendment, a Polish anarchist who hates the term anti-choice, a feminist student who believes ‘abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women’, and a woman who just couldn’t find a pro-choice life ethic she could feel good about. Ciara also goes to the rally for life, deals with graphic abortion images, and talks to some of the more staunchly anti-repeal campaigners.

Ciara laid out her position with some information on her background in Episode 0. 


Produced by Ciara O’Connor Walsh
Executive Producer: Alan Bennett, HeadStuff
Production assistance from Paddy Walsh and Brian from HeadStuff

Artwork: Eimear Gavin

Music: Ghosts I-IV, Nine Inch Nails