27. Timi Ogunyemi

In this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we have a little bit of trouble explaining what Timi Ogunyemi does. Timi even struggles himself. The reason we know him and love him is because he’s a fascinating person, he’s a popular blogger and Twitter guy, he’s incredibly warm, sound, cool, stylish and funny. Dave Hanratty, our trusty music editor, suggested him as a guest, and Dave joins us with co-hosting duties.

Dave Hanratty, Timi Ogunyemi and Alan Bennett on The HeadStuff Podcast - HeadStuff.orgThe first time I came across him was when I read his article “I might have been born in Lagos, but I was definitely made in Dublin”which I’d recommend that everyone should read. Since then I’ve followed his blogs Dublin In Love and I Am Timi.

His positive and joyful outlook is an absolute pleasure. His love for Dublin is palpable when you talk to him or read his blogs and look at his pictures.

Also in this episode we briefly discuss the sad and surprising death of David Bowie, and we talk about celebrity deaths in general.

Oh, and we try to find a girlfriend for Dave by coaxing dating advice out of Timi, which doesn’t necessarily work out. I still think Tinder is the way to go.

The song by Timi’s friend that we play at the end is called Breathe Along, it’s by HoG, and here’s the link.



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