29. Roslyn Fuller (Do We Have Democracy?)

Roslyn Fuller joins Conor and I on this week’s episode, and we have Jonathan Victory on co-hosting duties. Roslyn Fuller is a columnist, lecturer in democracy and international law, author of the book Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and Lost its Purposeand she’s currently running in the 2016 General Election in the Dublin Fingal area.

We talk about democracy, what it means and what it used to mean. How it started in ancient Greece, changed a bit, had a spell in ancient Rome and found it’s way to modern Ireland. We talk about if Donald Trump is currently running for president of a democratic country, or is it really an oligarchy? Is the political system completely tainted by Fox News? We talk about how to get more people to take an interest in politics, how to actually get some of the power back to the people. To move away from a political system that often kneels to dynastic families and whoever has the most money.

At some point Conor sombrely asks, “Is anyone ever happy?”

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