30. Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea joins us on The HeadStuff Podcast to speak to us at length about his sexy voice, and how he has won awards for it. It’s very important that we understand that he has won awards for having a sexy voice. After we applaud him on his sexy voice, we talk about his comedy radio DJ name, travel, his extensive mug collection, his early radio career, working at RTE, moving from weekday to weekend radio, books, atheism, his work with Epilepsy Ireland and how his own epilepsy affects his day to day life. We talk about NASA and space, why astronaut Chris Hadfield was so popular, books and writers such as; Louise O’Neill, Kevin Barry, Donal Ryan and one called George Orwell. Rick and Conor talk about their love of craft beer too. Look, there’s a lot stuff in this episode and it’s good. Enjoy!

“This is terrible, it’s an injustice, it’s an outrage, my ego demands more!” is a direct quote from Rick in this interview, but what is he talking about?

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