38. Richie O’Donnell (Atlantic)

Richie O’Donnell is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His previous documentary, The Pipe was released to great acclaim and has now been followed by ‘Atlantic’. The latest documentary is ambitious in scope with Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway as the locations and with an interactive website and social media campaign behind it. We talk about how he went from a degree in theoretical physics in Trinity College Dublin, to a film course in Griffith College, to making wonderful documentaries about oil, gas and fishing resources. To me, he’s an excellent example of just going out and doing stuff. He didn’t know how to make documentaries until he made one. Then it won awards and now he’s an award-winning filmmaker. So there you go, just go out and do that thing you want to do, (unless it harms someone else, then don’t do it).

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