42. Barry Crimmins

I first became aware of Barry Crimmins when he appeared on the WTF! with Marc Maron podcast, his story was also on another podcast I listen to, which I can’t remember right now. He talked about being raped and abused as a child, and about challenging AOL to stop allowing online paedophilia in their chatrooms. He took them to court, and he won, so basically he’s a modern, realistic superhero. And that’s not hyperbole, he’s an actual bonafide hero.

Listen to Barry Crimmins on The HeadStuff Podcast now:

This is why Bobcat Goldthwait made an amazing film, Call Me Lucky, with Barry Crimmins as the subject and protagonist. It’s a brilliant documentary and it’s on Netflix, go watch it.

AND now Judd Apatow is in talks to make a movie about him, which he explains in this episode.

Oh, and he’s fucking funny too. This guy is a pro. A proper American political satirist and tell-it-like-it-is stand up comedian. He’s one of Louis CK’s favourite comedians, and Louis knows a thing or two about good comedy.

So, to talk to Barry Crimmins on the phone was delightful. A little bit daunting too, because what should I say to this guy? Everyone asks him about his story and his brilliant film. I didn’t really know what he’d be like to chat to. To bro-out with. Turns out the man knows how to talk, he’s a pro, as I said, so I prompted him once or twice but otherwise he just talked. And I listened, happily, and that’s what you should probably do now.

He also weighs in on Trump’s golf courses and Apple’s €19 billion, so there’s something here for everyone.

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He’s playing in Dublin, tomorrow night! Tuesday 27th of September in the Sugar Club. You should absolutely definitely go. Doors are at 7.30pm and tickets are €28

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