Episode 10 – Paul Murray

This week we were thrilled to invite Paul Murray, author of ‘Skippy Dies’, ‘The Mark and the Void’, and ‘An Evening of Long Goodbyes’, onto the HeadStuff Podcast. Noel O’Regan, writer and literature editor for HeadStuff.org joins Alan on hosting duties. Both huge fans of Paul Murray’s books, they talk to him about his work, his routine and creativity, about science, the internet and Ireland.

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You can get a 5% discount on Paul Murray’s books by going to Kennys.ie and using ‘HeadStuff’ as the offer code. Get all his books, they’re great.

Paul Murray author of Skippy Dies in the HeadStuff office - HeadStuff.org
From left to right: Alan Bennett, Noel O’Regan and Paul Murray who got to meet his heroes.

Thanks, now listen to this wonderful episode:



The sound was done on this episode by Conor Wilkins of Wilkins Sound Systems.

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