Episode 19 – Tara Flynn

Tara Flynn is an absolute legend who appears to be a fan of HeadStuff, which is just very tremendously cool. She joined us on the podcast, but she also wrote this properly excellent article for us.

Tara Flynn and Alan Bennett with her new book Giving Out Yards on the HeadStuff podcast - HeadStuff.org
Tara and me with Tara’s wonderful new book

An apology about the first minute or two of the interview, Alan’s mic wasn’t working, but you can hear Tara clearly so it’s all grand.

Tara Flynn is a force of nature. One of the foremost voices in the current Repeal the 8th and Abortion Rights campaigns in Ireland, Tara is also very well known as an actor, comedian, improviser and writer. Her latest book “Giving Out Yards” is out now in all good bookshops and we talk about it, and giving out, a lot in this chat. Tara speaks passionately about equality, marriage equality, pro-choice and we also discuss racism, religion, as well as comedy and other things. She also throws down the gauntlet to Panti Bliss, “that b*tch of a national treasure”.

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