Episode 20 – Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie are a Dublin based, electronic, synth pop band. They are great. Mick Pope, the beardy front man sat down to talk to us on The HeadStuff Podcast. Mick Pope is very interested in movies, so we ended up talking a lot about movies. We talked about Spectre, and other Bond films, The Martian, Gene Hackman, TV shows like The Wire, Hannibal and everyone gave out to Dave Hanratty (the also present music editor of HeadStuff.org) for saying “The Sopranos is good not great“. Twice. Music is mentioned a few times too, it can be mentioned now too: Le Galaxie’s latest album came out this year and it’s called Le Club. They play the Metropolis Festival next weekend, and you should catch them live at any opportunity near you. Also on this episode is a very shocked (about Dave’s Sopranos blasphemy) Conor Wilkins, who also engineered our slick sound.

Look our for Dave’s excellent Steve Van Zandt impression, and actually, not a bad Gene Hackman too.

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