Episode 6 – Fight Like Apes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to episode six of the HeadStuff podcast!

Joining us today are none other than the awesome MayKay and Pockets of the even more awesome Fight Like Apes, who sit down in the smoky confines of The International Bar to discuss their brand new album – available now via iTunes, so get on that – marriage equality, wrestling, Garth Brooks’ moody alter ego and the best anecdote about golfing commentary you’re ever likely to hear among many other wild and crazy things.



Fight Like Apes

And because we seem to have forgotten to thank people in the episode, thanks as always to amiable Adam Brennan, the producer, Dave Hanratty, Fight Like Apes, The International Bar, Mikey for the artwork, and Video Blue for the theme tune.