Episode 7 – David Moore, Astronomy Ireland

David Moore, Astronomy Ireland

This episode of the podcast has me sitting silently agog more than it has me asking questions but that’s a testament to David Moore’s astronomical quantities of knowledge on the subject (of astronomy).

He covers all sorts of fascinating things such as planets, stars (the whole universe) really large numbers, telescopes, Neil Armstrong, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and loads of other stuff. It’s a lot of information, and super duper interesting.

I’m joined this week by first time co-host Paddy O’Leary who works and writes for HeadStuff and was drafted in because he did a degree in physics and maths. So, basically, he’s a wonderful nerd guy.

Have a listen below on the various things. Also, subscribe to the podcast and give ys a deadly rating because that would be excellent.



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