Episode 9 – Karl Spain

Karl Spain is our guest on this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast.

I’m joined by my long-time friend Mikey Fleming as co-host. We both met Karl Spain for the first time in about 2004, or 2005, when he was the M.C. of a regular comedy club in Limerick. We went to the show every week, us and about about three or four other random audience members. It wasn’t a well run gig. But because so few people went, we got to know Karl quite well and he got me my first comedy gig in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn in Dublin, which we talk about in the episode. We also talk about The Vodafone Comedy Festival, Al Porter, Karl Spain Wants a Woman and Karl Spain Wants to Rock, comedy newcomer competitions (and who won which awards), Diabetes, Karl’s writing and his new show.

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