HeadStuff Podcast #4 – David Rawle (Moone Boy)

So we missed a week, but you’ll have that, I suppose. Never mind, this week I travelled to Leitrim, with Adam the trusty producer, to have a chat with David Rawle.

David Rawle, as many of you will know, is Moone Boy, or Martin Moone. Moone Boy is a brilliant sitcom written by Chris O’Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy, based, somewhat loosely, on O’Dowd’s childhood in Boyle, Co. Roscommon (which is in Ireland for anyone who doesn’t know).

The Rawle family are the most wonderfully lovely people. David invited us into his house and made us tea while he finished his leisurely breakfast. We met Bernie, his mother who made us more tea and scones, and we met his sister, Dee, who was just as warm and friendly as the other two. From now on I think I’d like to record all the podcasts in the Rawle house.

In the interview David talks about his humble visit to the Oscars, Moone Boy and working with Chris O’Dowd, Song of the Sea, school, Leitrim, books, and the future. We also discovered that David takes more milk in his tea than anyone who has ever gone before him, or perhaps he takes less tea in his milk than most would, whichever way you want to look at it.

In the introduction I talk to Shane Langan, the HeadStuff humour editor, on the subject of British sitcoms about Irish families including Shane’s own BBC sitcom ‘The Walshes’ which he made with his comedy group Diet of Worms and Graham Linehan.

Anyway, here’s the episode, I hope you like it.

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