On this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we’re basically trying to figure out if any of the candidates in the US Election will be able to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

I’m joined by Gordon and Paul who host their own podcast called Those Conspiracy Guys. They bring some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the candidates, and the theories that Donald Trump has alluded to in his speeches. Most of this is talked about to the incredulity of our next guest, Dr. Joseph Roche, who is left hungry for evidence. Joseph also explains on the podcast which of the candidates will be best in terms of science (hint: it’s a depressing segment). Finally, we’re joined by HeadStuff film reviewer and increasingly regular podcast guest, Ged Murray, who compares each candidate to a movie, or character from a dystopian sci-fi. And yes, Biff gets his due mention.

Questions tackled in this episode include: Which candidate has the best (and worst) campaign logo, artwork and slogan? Who is John Kasich and does it matter? Who is actually worse, Trump or Cruz? Why did 54 of the world’s billionaires meet on a private island? Could the secret technology designed by Nikolai Tesla and discovered by Trump’s uncle change the world? Is Hillary a robot? Will the Republican candidate in the main election be one of the Republican’s running in the primaries? Which candidate is like a character out of Mad Max?

To be honest, there’s a lot going on in this episode, so get in there and have a listen.

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