the side project. #2 | Julie Blakeney – Fearless Moves

Episode Two – Julie Blakeney / Fearless Movies

In episode two of the side project. the two boys are joined by Julie Blakeney – the creator of the fun fitness event series, Fearless Moves. She talks about her sweet Instagame, working out to Maniac 2000 and pestering family members for favours.

Sam pitches the future of Saturday night protein consumption which Caomhán “hates”. But they do agree on their fondness for a passion project to bring back letter writing. Plus, Julie helps the guys figure out tactics for getting people to their future events.

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Produced & edited by Ciara Walsh

Music by Tim O’Donoghue

Hosted by Sam Moorhead & Caomhán Connolly

Guest: Julie Blakeney