the side project. #1 | Dave Coffey – Phoning It In

Episode One – Dave Coffey / Phoning It In

In the lads’ first outing in the HeadStuff studio, they’re joined by Dave Coffey. The creator of Dan & Becs, Sarah & Steve, and the hilarious podcast, Phoning It In. Dave talks about the wrestling sitcom that was devastatingly shelved, his cliched meetings with L.A execs, plus how he stays motivated to record a weekly podcast. Sam pitches some ideas for shows, which includes a new take on the Rose of Tralee. Caomhán finds a project that’s all about bad ideas. And the guys bring it home with a discussion on how to get people to your events, and get the word out there. 

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Produced & edited by Ciara Walsh

Music by Tim O’Donoghue

Hosted by Sam Moorhead & Caomhán Connolly

Guest: Dave Coffey