#13 | Your Week In Review: Simon Coveney, Russian Diplomats, Brendan O’Connor & More

On this weeks stripped back episode of The Suss, Steph and Glenn go solo and deep dive into the weeks biggest stories from Ireland and beyond.

There’s plenty of talk surrounding Simon Coveney’s sudden transition to the Pro-Choice camp that’s surprised a lot of people, but what would lead him to change his mind and what does this mean for the Government?

Should 16 year old’s be able to vote? After a stormy debate in the Seanad last week, prompted by Senator Marie-Louise O’Donnell’s remarks that young people should stay away from politics both Glenn and Steph have a go at the out of date Senator.

Ireland’s pledge to suspend Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK is up for debate this week, should we really be rushing into such a rash decision? Plus we look at some discrepancies in diplomatic relations in the past and see what retired broadcaster Vincent Browne has to say.

RTE Broadcaster Brendan O’Connor is on the chopping block this week, following hateful comments made about women who should know their place and not get uppity notions about feminism. Brendan is one of the worst offenders in Irish media for his women hating rhetoric and yet the state broadcaster dutifully pays him a cozy wage funded by us.

Canadian academic Jordan Peterson, who rose to prominence for not respecting peoples gender pronouns and generally being an all out wanker falls into the critical clutches of Glenn this week, who tears him a new a**hole before the cultural critic is due to speak at a conference in Ireland this summer.

All this and more on this weeks episode!