#15 | Sussin’ The News

The Suss Ep.15 – Sussin’ the news

Glenn and Steph take a look at this week’s main scandal in Irish public life and society.

What’s all this about posters? We look at the latest in the run up to the referendum on the 8th Amendment. The show is somewhat more optimistic than presumptuous pundits who earlier in the week appeared to speak too soon in relation to how prepared the YES side is. Unregulated spaces both online and offline have us talking too. Both the Transparent Referendum Initiative’s appeal to Facebook and the refusal of the Advertising Standard Authority to act on misleading posters feature as talking points.

We discuss the aftermath of the #April7th march organised by the Housing & Homeless Coalition and ask what’s next, particularly in light of some groups who refused to march due to the involvement of the Labour Party. There’s also an outline of what has been going on at Independent News & Media and what it could potentially mean for an already battered field of news journalism.

We’ve also got the suss on Bertie Ahern’s rehabilitation, talk of him running for President of Ireland and why that’s really not a very good idea!

Closing track – One Rizla by Shame