#17 | The Suss with #Spycops

In one of the foremost cases of the Brits being ‘at it’ in recent times, the #Spycops saga continues to unfold, showing us that truth is often stranger than fiction. In this episode, Glenn and Steph sit down with media commentator, activist and all-round good guy Mark Malone. Mark blogs and tweets under the Sound Migration brand where he outlines:

Personally I’m coming from a place of radical doubt and militant hope, two of the most useful co-ordinates a life worth living, and one that questions the underlying assumptions which underpin systemic injustice and inequality.

You’ll want to hear about his insight into the lives of undercover British policemen who have sought to infiltrate and undermine community groups and campaigns both here and in England (You can read in more detail here). We spread out then to have an all-encompassing chat about the justice system, injustices and Garda malpractice.

Also in this week’s episode, we take a look at the latest on #8thRef and highlight the bravery of Vicky Phelan.

Closing track – “Stuck Upon The Staircase” by Lemoncello