#18 | All That Jazz and All Things Repeal

May 25th is edging ever closer and in this week’s offering of The Suss, Glenn and Steph talk to Caoimhe Anglin, founder of Everyday Stories about their role in breaking down stigma in relation to abortion in Ireland.

Everyday Stories is a project publishing personal accounts from people who have been affected by the 8th Amendment. In 2016 ten women a day gave Irish addresses at UK abortion clinics. Many more cannot travel and others order abortion pills online risking a 14 year jail sentence. We share these stories. [www.everydaystories.org]

There’s also plenty to say about the way in which the Claire Byrne Live debate went down. Also with us this time is Chris Guilfoyle. Chris is a jazz musician and lecturer in Dublin City University and shared with us his insight into how so many strands of the arts survive and thrive in spite of a lack of support from the state ‘Seattle’ by his band Umbra is the track to play us off this week.

We’ve also got plenty to say about the latest wave of killings in Gaza, with Israel’s win at the Eurovision Song Contest happening front of house. We also check in on Slumleaks and the ongoing work to name and shame slumlords making extortionate money from the most vulnerable of tenants.

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