The Suss 25 Climate Change Is Not Your Fault

#24 | Body Battleground with Caoimhe LaVelle and River

Steph drafts in Osaro Azams (Ep. 2 on Activism) as co-host for another jam-packed episode of The Suss. Guests this week are artist and activist River and artist/poet Caoimhe LaVelle. We chat about bodily autonomy after the 8th Amendment, and in advance of an upcoming exhibition entitled Body Battleground.

Body Battleground; bodily autonomy beyond the 8th amendment” is a group art exhibition looking to highlight peoples relationship to their body outside of mainstream activism. Through bringing artists of different backgrounds together the hope is to foster a critically engaged visual culture that values the perspective from the margins.

We discuss the need for greater awareness surrounding the lives excluded from the status quo including sex workers, people with disabilities and the non binary community.

We also chat with Ronan Clarke, a writer who was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia at the age of 11 for a chat about stereotypes surrounding people with disabilities.

Exit track – Petrol Girls – Touch me again