#31 | Privilege and Prejudice

On this week’s episode of The Suss, Steph and Glenn tackle the issues of privilege and prejudice in Irish society.

Glenn sits down with Eileen Flynn, a proud member of the Irish Travelling community, for a chat about the systemic lack of political representation of Travellers in Irish politics plus the multifarious difficulties facing Irish Travellers in 2018.

We discuss the inflammatory comments made by Presidential candidate Peter Casey against the Travelling community during a televised debate and consider the disproportionate media coverage that ensured following his remarks.

Historically Irish Travellers have been the target of discrimination and disdain in Ireland and Casey’s polarising comments have poured salt in old wounds and unfortunately saw him surge into 2nd place in the presidential polls.

We also sit down with Dean Van Nguyen a journalist with The Irish Times, The Guardian, and Pitchfork to hear about his relationship with his own half Irish half Vietnamese identity. Much of Deans work has centered around the issues of ‘otherness’ he has felt in Irish society and questions surrounding the idea of white privilege and how it works in Ireland.


Exit Track – Gil Scott Heron ‘We Almost Lost Detroit’