#32 | Brexit, the border and the backstop

This week’s episode of The Suss offers an explainer on all things Brexit related. Glenn and Steph draft in two Brexperts to provide an outline of where things are at right now. Amid all the hysteria, it can be difficult to know what is really happening. This isn’t helped by the fact that one side doesn’t seem to know what it wants to negotiate.

We embark on a sense making mission to get you the full picture. How do our guests rate the Government’s negotiating record to date? What the hell is a backstop? What, if any kind of a border will be on the island of Ireland in ten years time? How much ground has been given in the negotiations?

Joining us this week is Brian Mahon, one of the hosts of the Paddy Wants to Know Brexit Podcast (Also available on the Headstuff Podcast Network) and student of journalism in DCU. We’re sure you’ll agree that his insight into the world of Brexit is truly admirable.

Paddy Wants To Know Brexit is a podcast that seeks to explain Brexit to an Irish audience. Each episode will address what’s being happening in the preceding few weeks in the messy world of Brexit negotiations and explain how it will affect Ireland. The hosts, Brian Mahon, Jack Good and Niamh Mahon will then interview someone who has something to say on Brexit, it could be anyone from an academic to a farmer, or even someone who thinks Brexit is a good idea.

Also with us is Oisin Dolan. Oisin is from Cavan Town near the border and is an active member of Sinn Fein (speaking in a personal capacity).

This episode delves into some of the lesser explored aspects of the fiasco; What would the political consequences of a second referendum be? Was there a case to be made for a ‘Lexit’? Ahead of the EU elections next year, is reform totally beyond the pale and will this play into the hands of those who favour an Irish exit along xenophobic lines?

We don’t have a crystal ball and we can’t predict how it’s all going to go down but we can equip you with the full picture to date. It’s a Brexit bonanza brought to you by the letter ‘B’.

Exit track – ‘Gentle Kind of Lies’ by BARQ