The Suss #28 | The Suss with Mental Health

On this week’s episode Steph and Glenn diverge from the normal political rants to bring you a special episode on Mental Health.

They’re joined in studio with Grayce Leonard, journalist with First Fortnight – an Irish mental health charity and Gabriel Paschal Blake, mental health advocate and musician from For Foresters and The Murder Capital.

In this episode, we don’t profess to have all the answers. We do however share intimate and honest stories about our own battles with maintaining our mental health through the years. We speak about the work being done at home by exemplary activists striving to destigmatise the belief that you are a failure for struggling with your mental health – a belief that is, thankfully being diminished from our collective thought these past few years.

Gabriel Paschal Blake speaks of the importance of young Irish men opening up and asking for help in times of need and offers stone clad advice on how to do so while Grayce Leonard shares important facts about the work being done by First Fortnight, especially surrounding new migrants mental health when coming into the country.

Steph and Glenn do a quick recap of the Take Back the City current occupations, touching on Fine Gael’s apparent ‘criminalisation of dissent’ seen when peaceful protestors were met with masked and violent Garda at the North Frederick Street occupation. They also touch on the prevalence of ‘woke-washing’ as demonstrated by Web Summit chief executive Paddy Cosgrave in his attempt to gain social credibility by aligning himself with the movement that many believe he had a hand in propagating.


Exit Track – Shame –  ‘One Rizla’