The Suss #33 | The Suss with Mental Health pt 2

On this week’s episode of The Suss Steph and Glenn chat to Ciara O’Connor-Walsh, Editor of ‘A Lust For Life’; an award-winning Irish well-being website, co-host, and producer of a new six-part mental health podcast ‘Where There’s A Will’.

The podcast has brought together some of the best and brightest minds in Ireland’s mental health sector to ask: why is our mental health system so dysfunctional? Who is responsible for fixing it? And what can we, collectively, do to create long-term, systemic change?

We discuss the systemic failings of the Irish mental health system, from policy to infrastructure to the shocking lack of financial resources made available for those in need.

“Through this podcast series we’ve connected a number of key people working in mental health to deconstruct the problems we face today – in 2018 – and what we need to focus on to make things better. We learned a huge amount in making this series, and we hope people listening will learn a lot too. Importantly this work is not just about going over the old ground of everything that’s wrong with the system – it is about articulating the change that is both necessary and possible.”

We also look at the fall-out from the Cork rape trial last weekend which sparked women around the world to take to the streets with their underwear in protest of a barrister using a 17 year old girl’s underwear as evidence against her.  As an extension to this, we also ponder the link between pornography and sexual violence.