#4 | The Future of Work with Ruairi Creaney (CWU)

The Suss – Episode 4 – The Future of Work with Ruairi Creaney (CWU)

Episode Four probes into the notion that Ireland is no place for young people. Ireland’s youth were the first line of defence when the crash hit, we saw a ban on new recruits into the public sector, 100,000 of our friends and family members were forced to emigrate, entry level jobs were replaced by JobBridge and unpaid internships, the prevalence of agency work is on the rise, an ageist cut to Jobseekers allowance for people under 26 has still not been reversed etc etc etc!

Now Ireland is supposed to be in recovery, it’s time to tease out some of the problems which are still yet to be rectified. Episode Four of The Suss looks at the world of work, how it has changed and considers what young people can actually do to reverse this rather sobering trend. In studio with Glenn and Steph is Ruairi Creaney, an organiser with the Communications Workers Union. Ruairi was part of an operation which saw the workers who operate the vital emergency response service behind your 999 phone calls take successful strike action in 2016.

This week’s episode also looks at a potential General Election set up in 2018 and asks if there is any alternative to the Fianna Fáil v Fine Gael show which is already being served up. Also, property porn has returned to play a substantial role in our print media. The gang discuss the ethics of this and the intrinsic links between the property sector and some Irish media outlets.


Produced by Brian Brennan
Music: Decepticon by Le Tigre
Artwork: Patrick Murphy