The Suss This Week #26 | Take Back The City

This week’s episode of The Suss is honing in on the recent Take Back The City march and subsequent occupation of a site at 35 Summer Hill Parade in Drumcondra, Dublin 1.

Organised by an array of housing groups in the city, the occupation aims to shed light on the desperate state of affairs surrounding the housing crisis in Dublin. Until recently, this site and the adjoining sites housed up to 120 people in slum-like conditions, a fact the millionaire landlord chose to ignore until Dublin Fire Brigade intervened. Overnight, the residents were kicked out with nowhere to go – a sorry story that is currently being repeated up and down the country.

Glenn and Steph have exclusive footage from the march and interviews with protesters at the site. We hear how Dublin City Council currently have enough land to build 10,000 homes but are planning on giving away half of this public land to developers who will, without doubt inflate prices and exclude local members of the community. And what of the 35,000 vacant properties populating the capital city? Tune in to hear from housing activists who have decided that direct action is the only way to reclaim the city for ourselves.

We also check in on the nefarious far right movement in America and the U.K..  Redpill advocate Alex Jones recently got his popular show ‘InfoWars’ banned on Apple, Spotify, Facebook and Youtube while Tommy Robinson fans in the U.K ransacked a popular socialist bookshop ‘Bookmarks’ under the guise of free speech.

Conservative NUI Senator Ronan Mullen found himself in hot water again this month after making comments about rape on Twitter. We look at Mullens track record and obsession with controlling women’s bodies and  shed some light on the campaign to get him kicked out of the Senate.

Plus Dara Quigley’s family are still waiting on contact from An Garda Síochána following a tragic incident that could have led to her death last year. We talk about this wonderful activist and journalist who suffered at the hands of blatant Garda misconduct.

A general election must be on the cards, as we hear about Fianna Fáil’s proposal to subsidise media to the tune of 30 million and Independent Minister Shane Ross’ heavily criticised ‘Granny Grants’.  

Exit Track ‘F*ck Me’ – Vernon Jane


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