The World According To Wikipedia | Going GLAM for Wikipedia’s Birthday

In this week’s episode Rebecca talks about Wikipedia’s birthday on the 15th January. The international birthday event will be Global (but virtual).

The hosts also discuss how to thank someone for the work they do on Wikipedia, from virtual cookies to barnstars.

Rebecca talks to Jim Hayes, a Digital Docent from Washington DC. They discuss wiki-meetups & wiki-10, working with GLAM institutes on wikipedia. The Smithsonian Institute went open access recently, allowing wikipedians to use their images under creative commons. Two articles that show the impact of work with the Smithsonian are Alma Thomas and The Greek Slave.
They also mentioned the Woman of the Century work.

Wikihero of the Episode is the University of Leiden for releasing 4,000 images relating to Africa under open license on Wikimedia Commons.

Our 2nd hero is Rebecca herself, who completed 366 Wikipedia articles in 2020. You can see all of them here.

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