The Week on Twitter | Abortion Lies, Dublin Bus, & iPhone 7

This week, Dublin Bus workers went on strike, The Times exposed the Women’s Centre’s lies regarding abortion, and Apple launched some new products.

Women’s Centre found to be lying to women about abortion #repealthe8th 

This week, The London Times published an article detailing the experience of two Irish reporters who visited a pregnancy counselling service in Dublin. Catherine Sanz and Ellen Coyne went undercover in the Women’s Centre recently, and secretly recorded the counselling sessions where they were fed incorrect information regarding the effects, and ‘dangers’, of abortion.

The video shows a Women’s Centre counselor (mis)inform the reporter that abortions can cause breast cancer, make mothers physically and sexually abuse any children they may have in the future, and make it more difficult to conceive in the long run. The reporter was also wrongfully told that a foetus in the womb can feel more pain than a fully grown human being. She was then forced to look at pictures of foetuses, and asked whether she still thought abortion was a viable option.

The recording provoked warranted outrage from pro-choice groups all over the country, and just about anyone who knows that giving women blatantly false medical advice is downright wrong. Health Minister Simon Harris stated that he was “sickened” by the report, and felt very worried that counselling services were providing people with such information. Anti-choice campaign leader Cora Sherlock refused to even discuss the piece published by The Times, and asked that everyone respect her privacy.

#Apple launches the #iPhone7…. And those wireless earphones that nobody wants

Wednesday saw the return of the commonly anticipated and often resented #AppleEvent. Lots of people were really excited because they like Apple products, and they like spending all their money on Apple products. Lucky for those people, there are a whole range of new things for them to blow their cash on – and a whole lot less earphone jacks for everyone to shove their headphones into.

Yep, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an earphone jack. Instead, it’ll come with a little adapter you can plug your own headphones into if you don’t fancy using (and losing) Apple’s new AirPods. Unlike other wireless headphones, AirPods don’t need bluetooth to connect them to a device, so I guess that’s fairly handy if you like putting little 2 inch white yokes in your ear and misplacing them every day of your entire life. Oh, and they’re $159. Pretty cool.

Some other things that were unveiled at the Apple event were a double camera, a really expensive Apple watch, a home button that doesn’t click (at all!!!), and some waterproofing. Definitely worth the wait.

#DublinBusStrike goes ahead as workers fight for pay rise

This week, the first two days of Dublin Bus’s industrial action for this month began. The decision to strike comes from an ongoing dispute between the Dublin Bus unions and the Labour Court who recommended a 2.75% pay increase for all staff each year for three years. Unions accepted the recommendation, but are asking the government to reconsider the considerable cuts to State subvention, which they believe could go towards wage increases and improved working conditions.

Bus services are expected to resume on Friday the 9th at midnight, with four more strikes planned for the 15th, 16th, 23rd, and 24th of September.

While over 400,000 thousand people are estimated to be affected by this week’s strikes, (thankfully) a good chunk of them do seem to support the workers, and their fight for a fair wage.

The ever perplexing #HiddleSwift is no more

Three months ago Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift went to a beach and ran around a bit and very publicly announced their relationship to the world. Tom wore an ‘I heart TS’ top. Taylor looked only delighted with life. Calvin Harris said he didn’t care about what had happened. Everyone in the world called bullshit and talked about them all for days on end.

Now, Tom and Taylor have broken things off and, unsurprisingly, nobody is shocked. According to US Weekly and their definitely reputable source, Tom wanted the relationship to be even more public than Taylor. How such a feat would even be possible remains a mystery, while also simultaneously sounding like a giant lie.

The day after the ‘break up’ Taylor went to the gym. She looked happy. E news made a weird comparison between Taylor’s gym attendance this week and her work out session after her break up with Calvin Harris earlier in the year. It made no sense. She probably goes to the gym a lot like. Maybe every day. I’ve read way too many gossip stories about Taylor Swift this evening. Here’s tweets.

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