The Week on Twitter | #AnyonesBrother, the Super Bowl, & Harry Potter

This week, we all watched Beyoncé slay at the Super Bowl, witnessed Twitter’s demise, ate lots of pancakes, and celebrated a new Harry Potter book (kind of). We also tweeted the #AnyonesBrother hashtag as a call to change the country’s mental health system.

Candlelight vigil held for Caoilte O Broin outside Leinster House #AnyonesBrother 

Thursday night saw over 300 people attend a candlelight vigil in the memory of Caoilte O Broin. Caoilte, yet another tragic victim of our country’s vastly underfunded and inefficient mental health services, died last month after failing to receive adequate treatment from the HSE.

The vigil was led by Shane Gillen, who spoke about how Caoilte’s death had affected his family; just as the death of mentally ill loved ones being denied the care they so desperately need continues to affect families around the country. He was followed by mental health advocate Niall Breslin, who urged those in attendance to speak to local politicians about Ireland’s mental health services over the next few weeks.

The family asked that the #AnyonesBrother hashtag be shared around social media platforms as much as possible to ensure that this urgent call for change is heard.

#Beyoncé slays everything and everyone at #SuperBowl halftime show

Last weekend, the Super Bowl was on. The Super Bowl is a thing where some American football teams get together and play some football and somebody wins probably. This year, nobody knew who won the Super Bowl because Beyoncé was there and it was really difficult to care about anything else. Chris Martin was there too but that was grand.

Queen Bey performed her new song, Formation. It’s a song about the systemic oppression of black people in America by the US police force and general racist attitudes. In it, Beyoncé declares that she is proud to be black, that she is even prouder to be a black woman, and that she is not, in fact, in the Illuminati. It’s a good song. I like it.

Following her performance, Bey’s dancers took the opportunity to call for justice for Mario Woods – a black man who was recently shot and killed by San Francisco police. A lot of people got really angry at Beyoncé for allowing the Super Bowl halftime show to become politicised. Those people are racist.

Lots of other people thought Beyoncé’s performance was great. And that Coldplay’s performance was fine. Those people are right.

Everyone mourns Twitter’s demise #RIPTwitter

Last weekend, it was reported that Twitter had died. Everyone was really sad because they really like Twitter and stuff, and now it’s set to become an algorithm run, non-chronological mess.

Many compared these potential changes to Facebook, and they weren’t happy about that because Facebook is awful and should be used only for the sweet chat function and also blocking people.

Twitter founder Jack claimed that the changes were not going to take effect any time soon, but apparently, he was lying. People got mad. It was a thing.

JK Rowling announces new #HarryPotter book!… Kind of #TheCursedChild

‘The eighth story. Nineteen years later.’ It’s The Cursed Child and it’s coming to a bookstore near you… But before that it’s coming to the stage in London, because it’s a play, not actually a book, and people are confused by this.

Earlier, this week, JK Rowling announced that she was publishing part one and two of The Cursed Child scripts in print format. Everyone got really excited because everyone likes Harry Potter and learning new things about the wizarding world via Twitter is the in thing nowadays.

The script will be available to buy and download from July 31st. Hooray.

Twitter eats lots of pancakes on #PancakeDay

Tuesday marked Pancake Tuesday, the single best Tuesday of the whole entire year. It is a good day if you like pancakes because everybody gets to eat pancakes and crepes and nutella and stuff. It is a bad day if you don’t like pancakes because all anyone is talking, tweeting, and eating about is pancakes. Because pancakes are great. And if you don’t like them you deserve all the annoyance Pancake Day must have caused you.

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