Avicii Feeling Good with Audra Mae and Volvo

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Avicii is a superstar DJ. Tim Bergling is a real person in the world. It turns out Tim’s life has changed since he became a world-beater. With some glorious shots of beautiful Sweden and a nice Volvo to boot, Tim takes it easy for a little bit and we get to watch. I want to go to Sweden. I want to get on an SAS Scandinavian Airlines plane, fly to Stockholm, get in this Volvo, drive to IKEA, hang out with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and solve a crime with a girl with a terrible tattoo. So the video is nice, but what really struck me was the song. I mean, the music starts out as some pumping bass, club night, have the craic madness, but eventually it calms to the classic ‘Feeling Good’ which is one of my favourite songs. It’s a stunning version by Audra Mae in an arrangement by my new pal Avicii himself. Audra Mae’s voice is beautiful and for some reason it seems to really resonate with Avicii’s life, at least as the story of his life is told in the video.

“So what happens to a person who skyrockets into fame?” is the opening line, and if you think about it, it’s profound. It such a shift. Suddenly your whole life becomes different, just because other people have started to notice what you have been doing your whole life. So, I reckon, in the mind of the famous person, nothing has changed, but in the physical reality of their life, it’s all undone. Avicii, or Ben, just says that he hasn’t really had time to think about it, it hasn’t sunk in, which probably shows the speed and relentlessness at which his life is experiencing itself.

Anyway, he hops in a Volvo, heads out to the beautiful Swedish countryside while Audra Mae makes everything feel good. I like it, it’s good. Here it is.