The Week on Twitter | Bono, Harry the Gorilla, & Trump visiting Ireland

This week, Donald Trump announced a trip to Ireland, Bono showed up at a Springsteen gig, and Harry the gorilla passed away. We also celebrated the beginning of Pride month with the #LoveisLove hashtag, and drank some milk.

#HarrytheGorilla passes away in #DublinZoo

On Monday, it was reported that Harry the silverback gorilla had died. Dublin Zoo broke the news on their Facebook page – a post which was met with much grievance from everybody who had ever shared a moment with Harry in his enclosure.

In their post, the zoo said that Harry had always been gentle and calm, and that he will be “greatly missed by everyone at Dublin zoo.” The much loved gorilla was 29 when he died.

@realDonaldTrump announces trip to Ireland much to the dismay of most people

Today, Donald trump went on his Twitter account and tweeted something that annoyed some people. And for once, it was not to do with Hispanics, how awful Obama is, or Hillary Clinton’s female incompetency… That came later. It was to do with his apparent up coming trip to Ireland, to visit his lovely golfing resort in Co. Clare.

Following this announcement, Trump started trending. Presumably because a lot of people don’t really want him to visit Ireland or Scotland because he’s an awful man who thinks that Mexicans are rapists and that there should be a ban on all Muslims entering the US.

Other people, like Michael Noonan, have “nothing to say” about Trump coming to Ireland, despite having greeted the now presumptive Republican nominee on a red carpet with a harpist in Shannon airport just two years ago. It does appear that, since then, the government’s opinion on Trump has wavered ever so slightly, with Enda Kenny stating that the businessman is “racist and dangerous” just days ago.

This morning, lots of people took to Twitter to share a petition attempting to keep Trump out of Ireland, to complain about how much national attention the visit was bound to get, and to contemplate whether or not Noonan would roll out the red carpet again.

Trump is due to visit his resort some time around June 23rd or 24th-ish probably.

#Bono shows up at #Springsteen gig, annoys everyone

On Sunday night, Bono made a guest appearance at Bruce Springsteen’s last gig in Dublin, and everyone was annoyed. Well, not everyone. Some people were really happy when Bono showed up because those people like Bono, or were drunk, or something. Those people who like Bono enough to cheer for him at a Springsteen gig did so, which was nice, because at least then Bono was happy, even if lots of other people were simply mildly unimpressed.

On Monday morning, lots of people who probably weren’t even at the Springsteen gig tweeted about Bono showing up unannounced at other events in their lives, and also about that woman at the front of the crowd who was having absolutely none of it the night before.

Twitter celebrates Pride month with #LoveisLove hashtag

The start of June marks the beginning of Pride month – a whole 30 days dedicated to the celebration of LGBT communities around the world. June was originally chosen as Pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred on June 28th 1969.

This year, #LoveisLove trended as users tweeted messages of support, their own coming out stories, and the importance of a global acceptance of love regardless of gender.

In the States, this year’s Pride month also marks the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to make marriage equality legal in all 50 states. In a statement made this week, President Obama recognised the importance of Pride month, and called for a celebration of “…how far we have come (and a reaffirmation of) our steadfast belief in the equal dignity of all Americans.”

Whether plant-based or cow-based, everyone celebrated #WorldMilkDay

June 1st marks the annual celebration of World Milk Day – a day dedicated to recognising the importance of milk as a food around the world. The day was first conceived by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in 2001, and has been celebrated every since.

This year, lots of people took to Twitter to share their love for milk, some pictures of cows, and that gif of Joey Tribbiani.

Some other people took World Milk Day as an opportunity to spread awareness about the abuse of animals through the dairy industry, some common misconceptions about calcium consumption, and why plant-based milks provide a healthy and varied alternative to your average dairy-filled milk.

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