HeadStuff is Seeking a Social Media Manager

HeadStuff is seeking a social media manager. The person who successfully convinces us that they are who we are looking for will speak only in 140 character segments. Unless it’s in private, then they’ll open up a bit.

The above is a lie, but the successful candidate should at least get the joke. They should know their @s from their #s. They should know the difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and whatever else… Bebo?

Our social media manager will look after all our accounts, but also be an active member of the thriving creative community that is HeadStuff. This person will have “notions”, will not be afraid to make suggestions and to try new things. They will be interested in HeadStuff.org and have at least a vague interest in the topics we post about.

We are looking for someone with experience and a love for all things social media. If you are always being given out to for tweeting at the dinner table you may be what we are looking for. If you have a proven track record of promoting and growing a business online, even better.

Ideally the successful candidate would be intimately familiar with all forms of social media, be able to convey their point concisely while still adding humour, gravity and/or intrigue. They would be a social creature at their root and find it easy to add something to any conversation, with people from all walks of life.

Ideally they would be fun. We like fun people. We like to think that we have a team of lovely fun folks already and we’d like to keep that going.

Because this is not a fully paid position at this point, the person who gets the job will have to be someone that believes that HeadStuff can “make it”. Someone that really thinks they can help, and progress with us. This will be a person who will see an opportunity, grab it, and forge a career out of it.

Are you that person? Or a more realistic version of it?

Apply now by telling me why you think you’re the person for the job – [email protected]


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