The Week on Twitter | #IndieAmnesty, Michaella McCollum, & Still No Government

This week, Michaella McCollum did an interview, everyone did #IndieAmnesty, and Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael didn’t do a coalition. It was also World Health Day, so lots of people did some healthy things, probably.

#MichaellaMcCollum faces some harsh scrutiny after RTÉ interview

In 2013 Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid were arrested trying to smuggle 11kg of cocaine from Peru to Spain. Since then, the Northern Irish woman served a sentence of 2 years and 3 months in a Peruvian prison and was recently released on parole.

RTÉ decided to do an interview with McCollum where, after repeatedly denying her actions previously, she finally admitted to drug smuggling. Following the broadcast, some people took to Twitter to complain about the fact that McCollum was wearing red lipstick. Others took a more critical approach, criticising RTÉ’s decision to give airtime to a criminal whose actions could have destroyed hundreds of lives had she not been caught.

According to, the broadcaster had received almost 100 responses to the programme by the following morning – most of which were negative.

Twitter’s darkest indie confessions outed in #IndieAmnesty

Wednesday morning marked the conception of the #IndieAmnesty hashtag. This was a good thing because reminiscing about embarrassing indie-based scenarios alone is fun, but doing it with an audience of just about everybody on Twitter is even better.

Lots of things were confessed during indie amnesty. Those things included dressing like Pete Doherty for five years, posting on a the Strokes forum, setting Chelsea Dagger as your ringtone, having a MySpace profile, getting mistaken for some fella from the Kooks, and wearing a duffle coat.

#MicheálMartin rejects #FineGael‘s partnership government plan

It’s now been a whole five weeks since the general election, and still, we have no government. This week, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael met up to try sort out a government. They didn’t, and nobody was surprised.

Yesterday, leaders Micheál Martin and Enda Kenny arrived at Leinster House to have some talks about forming a partnership government – talks which resulted in Martin claiming Kenny was threatening a coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Independents or another general election, and Fine Gael representatives claiming that Martin was basically lying.

At the end of the talks, little had changed, except for the fact that Martin and Kenny probably dislike each other a little more now, probably. After the exchange, Kenny released a statement in which he deemed Fianna Fáil’s decision “a serious mistake,” and claimed that they had missed an “historic opportunity.”

Apparently, the meeting lasted just 10 minutes.

Twitter celebrates #WorldHealthDay 

April 7th was a Thursday. It was also the annual celebration of World Health Day, as celebrated by the World Health Organisation, and healthy people. World Health Day first became a thing back in 1950, when WHO decided they wanted to designate a day to the awareness of global and public health issues and why they are important.

Every year, World Health Day plays host to lots of different events around the world. Each year also has a different theme. This year’s theme was ‘Beat Diabetes’ so WHO focused on up-scaling preventative methods, increasing surveillance, and enhancing the care already existing for sufferers.

Lots of people took to Twitter on World Health Day to tweet about health, foods, being vegan, more foods, exercising, mental health, vegetables, avocados, and other things too.

…Twitter also reminded everyone to #MindYourSelfie 

#MindYourSelfie is a nice little hashtag doing the rounds today making sure that everyone remembers to mind themselves and their mental health, and to also take a picture while doing it.

The campaign comes from Walk in My Shoes and St Patrick’s mental health services, and is encouraging the Irish public to share their selfies today to promote a positive mental well-being.

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