The Week on Twitter | Kim Kardashian, #FreeWomen, and the 32nd Dáil

This week, the 32nd Dáil met for the first time, the Healy Raes had a bit of a dance outside Leinster House, and nobody could decide on a Taoiseach. Other stuff also happened too, like Kim Kardashian posting a nude, producer George Martin dying, and #FreeWomen trending.

@KimKardashian tells the world that she’s allowed to be sexy

This week began with Kim Kardashian posting a picture of herself on the internet. It was a nice picture – she looked great. Some people didn’t like this picture of Kim because in it, she was naked. These people criticised Kim for posting such a picture, claiming that it exhibited a ‘lack of self respect,’ was ‘unclassy,’ and ‘shameful’ for a mother of two to be proud of her body.

These people included actress Chloe Grace Moretz, singer P!nk, and Bette Midler, who each took to Twitter to express their disappointment. P!nk, in particular, stated that young girls should find a better way to express themselves, rather than “using your body, your sex, your tits and asses” to get “attention.” Bette Midler proclaimed that in order for Kim to show us a part of her we haven’t seen, “she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.

Some people agreed with these comments. Lots of people didn’t. Arguably because everybody’s sick to death of slut-shaming, because making women feel guilty for recognising their own beauty is shitty, and because the archaic notion that the female body should be reserved only for the male gaze needs to be annihilated.

Following the criticism, Kim took to Twitter to tell everyone that she was not sorry for sharing images of her body, that she hoped everybody knew who Chloe Grace Moretz was now, and wished us all a happy International Women’s Day.

Kim also posted a blog in which she questioned why she was a bad role model for being proud of her body, and stated that being comfortable in her own skin empowered her. She concluded the post with: “I am a mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entrepreneur and I am allowed to be sexy.”

The 32nd #Dáil meets for the first time. Healy Rae’s throw a shindig. Nobody decides on Taoiseach.

On Thursday, the new Dáil met for the first time and lots of things happened. Enda lost his chance at being Taoiseach again. New TDs commented that the steps up to Leinster House were steep. Jack Chambers looked pissed off. There was a protest. The Healy Raes had a bit of a song and dance out on the road. Somebody nominated Richard Boyd Barrett for leader of the whole country. Gerry Adams Periscoped.

Lots of things didn’t happen too, like the new government’s ability to decide on a Taoiseach. Following this failure, it apparently looks likely that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are going to have to form a minority government. Failing that, there’ll have to be a second election.

Twitter calls to award 70 more women the Freedom of the City #FreeWomen

Since 1876, 80 different people have been nominated by the Lord Mayor of Dublin for the Freedom of the City award. Since 1876, 80 different people have been approved by Dublin City Council to receive this award. Since 1876, only 5 of these people have been women.

This week, journalist @UnaMullally called on the people of Ireland and our current Lord Mayor Cíona Ní Dhálaigh to remedy this injustice.  According to Mullally, it would take 70 years to achieve gender parity even if the award was given to one woman every single year from 2017. So, she suggested that we just give it to them all at once.

Using the hashtag #FreeWomen, hundreds took to Twitter to nominate the women they think most deserving of the award. Lists included the likes of Mary Robinson, Sonia O’Sullivan, Katie Taylor, Sister Stan, the women of the contraceptive train, and many more.

‘Fifth Beatle’ #GeorgeMartin dies

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that The Beatles’ producer Sir George Martin had died aged 90. News of Martin’s death spread across the globe when Ringo Starr tweeted “peace and love” to Martin’s family, and that he would be missed.

Following the news, social media was awash with tributes and condolences for the man often hailed as the fifth Beatle. Martin was responsible for signing The Beatles to their first label. He worked on all but one of their records.

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