Moogaga Magic at the Galway Fringe Festival

Aindrias de staic, fiddle, irish fiddle player, violin, performer, actor, the man from moogaga, galway fringe festival, ireland, july - HeadStuff.orgDon’t describe Aindrias de Staic as just a performer, or simply another Irish fiddle player. Those phrases are gigantic understatements. He is a genuine, multi-faceted, three-dimensional artist; the kind who come around once in a lifetime. From acting, to writing, to playing music, storytelling and singing, he can and does do it all. Like American illusionist David Blaine, Aindrias creates magic with his diverse repertoire of skills and talent. When you add great proficiency and a bundle of crazy creativity, you have more than magic, you have lightning in a bottle.

As part of Ireland’s Galway Fringe Festival, a 14-day event promoting several forms of art and expression, Aindrias presents his new one-man show, “The Man From Moogaga” from 21 – 27 July, 2014.

I recently asked Aindrias,


Q: What makes your show different?


A: I suppose I like how the show can sometimes harness the hyper-energy that I have. I used to suffer a bit from anxiety, nerves etc but now, thankfully, the performances are a great outlet for the energetic outbursts. Like, I no longer suffer from the insanity. I enjoy it! And others do too! I get bored really easily. I’ve been told it’s ADHD etc, but generally I think most people nowadays gets bored easily. There’s so much happening everywhere, and with so much entertainment on the internet, I try to make the live shows really live, where anything can happen. The audiences are totally involved and spontaneity is relished. I got really bored with regular acting, especially when I was doing long theatre runs. It was painful to have to deliver the same lines every night. So nowadays I’m lucky to have kind of found a jazz-theatre style of improv comedy and loosely-scripted spoken word which allows me to live and grow with each performance. The material is normally not too rehearsed, and I love to pal with the differences and similarities between the words and music. I like when there’s a good variety of comedy, theatre, spoken word, music and poetry.


Aindrias de staic, fiddle, irish fiddle player, violin, performer, actor, the man from moogaga, galway fringe festival, ireland, july - HeadStuff.orgQ: Why should festival-goers come see you?

A: I love to work with the live audience. My background in community music, giving workshops and empowering music groups informs my ability to work with crowds and inspire the spontaneous creativity. Obviously I don’t like hecklers, but we often enjoy suggestions or reactions from the antics, and some of the stories have little choruses and call & answer parts which allow great crowd interaction. Each piece or performance is allowed to live and even grow a little.  


Q: What do you hope they take away from your performance?

A: Happy images. A joie de vivre [a zest or joy for life], and a feeling that maybe they’ve enjoyed something unique.


Combine fantastic storytelling, a wicked talent for music, the Irish gifts of gab and charm, and animated expressions into a blender, hit the mix button, and out will come an “Aindrias Cocktail,” an experience which should not be missed. Find out more about Aindrias by visiting his website at

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