Paddy’s Day in London

Paddys Day '14Headstuff readers, if any of you are in London on St. Patrick’s weekend; this is for you.

For those of you who are not, this is still for you.


The following is a propaganda piece. Necessary because I’m about to tell you about an amazing gig which is happening. As Headstuff isn’t a listings website, but was so enamored with the prospect of this event, it required a write-up to go along with it.


As a child it meant going to Mass and having shamrock pinned to your shirt which died as soon as you could mumble ‘the lord be with you’. Latterly in the college years it became an all day-Guinness consumption exercise; one’s prowess bolstered by this peculiar thing called ‘the Craic’.



Whatever Paddy’s Day means to you, its occurrence is undoubtedly inescapable. And whether serious about it or not, it is a great excuse to revel in what the Irish do best; story-telling, drinking and song & dance.


So we thought, lets use this opportunity to make some new stories.


On Saturday 15th of March, BOLD THINGS are headlining a FREE event in The Dalston Victoria, London E8.


An alternative celebration; we have gotten together with friends, some Irish, some not and have created a gig which showcases the talent in our community. Celebrating the musical diaspora, and the new friends we have made along the way. Join us!


HACKNEY IRISH SOCIAL CLUB will be providing their pleasing mix of Soul, Irish trad & folk, Ska, Dub, Roots and Afrobeat from 4pm in the bar, then until late in the main room.


Also joining us as very special guests will be soulful electronic duo CHPLN, who have recently become BBC Radio 6 darlings.


PERSONNEL, is the side project of Rob Costello, frontman of Dublin’s SOUNDS OF SYSTEM BREAKDOWN.


And completing the line up is CHRISTOF, formerly Galway-based troubadour signed to Bluestack Records.


Quite the Irish connection with the acts involved. But as you will see, this is really about the MUSIC.


So what will you do on St Patrick’s weekend? Celebrate your accentuated Irish-ness now that you are living in or visiting London? Maybe pop down to Trafalgar Square to see what Boris has planned? Of course there will be plenty going on. Cool and diverse events on and off the radar. But this is propaganda after all, so if you want an eclectic mix of good music for FREE you should come to Dalston. And the food is great too. Saturday 15th March. Give it a lash, Jack.


Join the Facebook Event page here.