The Week on Twitter | Presidential Debate, Garda Strike, & #KnowYourRepealers

This week, Gardaí announced plans to strike, TDs wore Repeal jumpers in the Dáil, and Donald Trump had the sniffles.

#KnowYourRepealers dominates Twitter as TDs call for wider abortion access in the Dáil

Last weekend, thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin to call for wider abortion access. They shouted, they chanted, they sang, and they talked. The did whatever they had to do to ensure that their voices were heard, and that this year’s March for Choice would leave no doubt in our government’s mind that Ireland’s laws were in need of drastic change.

This week, leaders’ questions in the Dáil saw its own TDs protest the country’s outdated abortion laws. Members of the Anti-Austerity Alliance and People Before Profit attended the sitting wearing Repeal jumpers in an attempt to put pressure on Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Speaking to the Taoiseach about the upcoming citizens assembly, TD Ruth Coppinger asked “Will you make sure it’s a referendum to repeal and not amend the 8th amendment?”

Kenny responded by saying that unlike Repeal jumpers, the issue was not simply black and white.

After the TDs took to the Dáil to ensure this issue could not be conveniently ignored any longer, pro-choice activists took to Twitter to emphasise the sheer multiplicity of people in favour of repealing the 8th.

#KnowYourRepealers dominated timelines as the young, old, men, women, Irish, and otherwise introduced themselves to the campaign. The tag not only showed the vast amounts of people who want free, safe and legal abortion for every Irish woman, but also the variety of reasons behind each individual’s decision to be pro-choice.

First US Presidential debate takes place in New York #Trump #Clinton

On Monday, the first debate between Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place. The debate was held in New York, and Clinton won. This we know because literally every publication in the entire world is saying it, except maybe for Trump’s own Twitter account, but that doesn’t count, probably.

The debate included some interrupting, a lot of accusations, and a whole load of sniffling. Some argued that Trump didn’t seem to be as confident in front of a crowd as he usually is. Maybe this was because he couldn’t have an abundance of Republicans cheering wildly every time he made another dodgy claim. Maybe it was because Clinton was clearly much more prepared than he was. Or maybe it was simply because he was a lil sick.

Either way, the good people of Twitter did some pretty decent tweets about the debate. And although Bernie Sanders literally wasn’t involved in the event at all, things somehow became all about him, as they are always wont to be.

You can watch some highlights of the debate here.

#Gardaí consider industrial action

This week, Gardaí announced plans to strike for four days in November. The decision comes after recent disagreements regarding pay, union status, and the fact that Gardaí do not legally have the right to strike.

The strike will involved rank and file Gardaí which means that they will not be dealing with the public or taking calls on these days. The Garda Representative Association have said that theirs is the only public servants job that entails a 40+ hour week and that Gardaí do a “dangerous, difficult, and often thankless job.”

Gardaí are due to strike on November 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.

Emergency services will not be affected by the strike.

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