The Blockchain is a Vegan – It’s Official

Move over the Winklevoss twins, here in Ireland we have the Happy Pear Twins and they came to the conclusion that blockchain is indeed a vegan.

Blockchain Vegan

So how did we reach a conclusion of such epic proportions?

Well – we were very scientific in our approach. We looked at the main features of blockchain and asked if they were akin to veganism.

For example, blockchain is immutable – and guess what – the Happy Pair twins are immutable. They haven’t changed a bit in 20 odd years. They must have a portrait or two of Dorian Grey in their attics.

Then we looked at transparency – yep, same again. Vegans want to be able to see what is in their food – labelling is very important (and Dave also mentioned looking into an abattoir which frankly we’d rather not!).

Disruptive – absolutely! Vegans want to rethink how we feed the planet through moving away from animal consumption and over to plant consumption.

Disintermediary  – taking out the middle man? Well, vegans would much prefer to source goods locally and directly from producers so that is a yes too.

At this point, Dave jumped the gun and said yes they are the same but I had one more feature to compare.

I pointed out that people in the blockchain space wanted to make the world a better place. And there we had it – a perfect match.

As Steve said – it’s official – Blockchain is a vegan.

Thank you Steve and Dave from the Happy Pear – mass adoption here we come!

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