Call For Submissions | Curious Sceptics Wanted


The Science section on HeadStuff wants submissions from people as passionate about science as we are. If you find yourself looking at the world around you in wonder then we want you! We need writers who are willing to dig deep to find explanations for quirky natural phenomena and to cover the latest discoveries and events in the science world. You don’t have to be a trained scientist as long as you can accurately translate science talk for a general audience. Evidence-based and peer-reviewed science reporting is very important to us and we especially like curious and sceptical writers who question everything and excavate the truth from myth.


We also want to hear from scientists who would like to share their work. If you are a scientist who isn’t keen on writing, but want to communicate what you do to a general audience get in touch with our Science Editor Neasa and we can arrange an interview.

Our topics vary greatly so there’s something for everyone – Space exploration, technology, zoology, biology, environmental science, psychology, chemistry and physics.

Whether it’s a one off article or you would like to become a regular contributor we would love to hear from you!


Email your submissions (400-1000 words average) or pitch an article at [email protected] accompanied by a description of yourself and why you would be a great addition to the HeadStuff team.