Call for Submissions | HeadStuff Science Section

Want to share your curiosity? Join the HeadStuff Science Team!

Here at HeadStuff Science, we are looking for contributors that are passionate about science and technology. We are expanding our science platform, so we are on the hunt for writers with a fire for explaining and a curiosity for how the world works. Topics can be anything from within the world of science, so for all astrophysicists out there, don’t worry, the sky’s not the limit. Whether you are a budding science writer, a science communicator, or a career scientist who would like to share their research with a wider audience, we want to hear from you.

Perhaps you are a botanist who would like to share with our readers an account of a typical day for you? Or you’re a climate scientist with a message. Or you’re a techie with an urge to explain how cryptocurrency works. A secondary school teacher with some great stories about student science experiments? We love science and we want our readers to learn about the world through your eyes. Your writing can teach lessons, enflame passions, get people thinking, change minds, and inspire future scientists. Get in touch with us if you like explaining how things work and telling stories about science.


All pieces submitted need to be accurate and evidence-based with the most up-to-date info, including references, and written for a general audience, but don’t worry about having to lose any complexity on the topic, we the people, are a smart bunch. Ideally pieces should be anywhere with the range of 700- 2500 words. Please get in touch, whether you have one piece you’d like to submit, if you want to become a regular contributor, or if you have a cool idea for an article and want to talk the idea out! Email the HeadStuff Science Editors Marie and Rachel at [email protected]

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