Shot of Scientist | Calling All Scientists


We know you’re passionate folk, curious about the world, but sometimes your friends and family don’t really get what it is you do on a day-to-day basis. HeadStuff Science would like to help.

We’re looking for scientists to profile from all stages of their career. Explain your research for a general audience, just once, and HeadStuff will publish it. The next time somebody asks you what you do just send them the link.

You can even claim it as public outreach on your next research grant application.

If you feel you’re not the literary sort don’t worry, the experienced HeadStuff Science team can help you find your inner writer’s voice or we’re just as happy to interview you. Your research won’t be misrepresented, or become another causes cancer/doesn’t cause cancer type of article in the media. We just want the truth, in all its complexity, as told by you. 

Here’s an example of how great your research could look on HeadStuff!

What’s in it for us? We LOVE science, we love to share research with the non-scientific community and show them why science is fascinating. The most interesting stories to us can seem banal to you – we love to hear about your weird equipment, the strange laboratory smells, the triumph and failures. How much sweat, blood, and tears did it take to get that article published? Even the endless repetition of experiments help people understand how hard you work and what daily life looks like for a scientist.

Become part of the HeadStuff Shot of Scientist Project and let your research inspire and delight the HeadStuff audience.

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