Here’s Why Tony Robbins Should Definitely Not Be Your Guru

I am hungover and am going to take you through the emotional journey that is watching the new Tony Robbins documentary. This means watching it again. While hungover. I am doing this for you so you don’t have to.

For a long time, I thought Tony Porter and Tony Robbins were the same person. They are not. One is a champion of social change. The other is a raging “self help” narcissist. I had hoped there was more to him than this, but the Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru” (weird title considering that’s exactly what he thinks he is) didn’t really convince me, or anyone else I have foisted it upon.

The documentary opens with who I initially presumed to be a “preacher” working a miracle in one of those massive Mega Churches in the States where everyone is swaying and crying. For an unknown reason the young man undergoing the “intervention” is hoisted aloft by some of the 2,500 strong crowd and carried around the room. It turns out that this is no Mega Church, but a motivational seminar, and this man is suicidal.  The man explains why, Robbins slags his shoes, talks about himself (this happens a lot), says “f*ck” a lot (this also happens a lot), and makes a joke about masturbation. The sound engineer’s finger hovers until Peak Emotion has been achieved; the man is crying, Robbins pulls him into a hug, and then Snow Patrol’s “Run” gets louder and louder until it’s thundering around the garishly lit, packed room. They fist bump and I get sick in my mouth a little. Then Robbins casually walks off leaving the now apparently no longer suicidal man awkwardly standing with his tear stained face. Until he gets hoisted aloft.

Welcome to “A Date With Destiny”, a horribly named, 12 hour a day, 6 day seminar costing each attendee over $5,000. Massive lighting rigs and huge screens adorn the walls of the conference theatre and dance music blasts as people rush the doors. Staff give high fives while avoiding being trampled. Everyone looks demented. The idea is to get the crowd into “peak energy” because “that’s really important for Tony”, his assistant tells us, as they leave Tony’s enormous Florida home. Disco lights are flashing and hype people are leaping around the stage urging the giant crowd into greater and greater states of elation/anxiety (no room for introverts here!).


Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 13.04.44 copy 2

Backstage, Tony bounces on his tiny trampoline and reminds us that “words have the power to pierce the conscious mind”.  He runs out on stage to rapturous applause, awkwardly claps his giant hands to the insane music and pumps the air. Everyone is going crazy and even imagining being there is incurring palpitations. My dog is looking at me funny.

He says a few things that suggest that maybe this won’t be a totally terrible experience – about “emotional fitness”, about how no-one is “broken”, and about how the way we think, feel and behave influence each other. “Who gets that, say AYE!” Everyone yells “AYE”.  I mutter “sure”.

A girl of 19 stands up and talks about her diet and Robbins’ slips into his entry level pop Psychology armchair and asks her which of her parents she craved love from the most. She says her dad. “Yes” says Robbins, “clearly”. Clearly. He goes on about blame, smirking around the room at nodding heads, and then seamlessly turns it into a smug speech about himself,  his own pain, and his “insatiable hunger to end suffering for any human” (at the low low price of $5K). He gets a round of applause. The camera zooms in on women wiping away tears. People crowd around the girl and her mother and I am utterly confused as to the point of any of what just happened.

“Tell me about your father” Tony says, head tilted, to a woman holding a microphone with tears streaming down her face. “My father?” she says, surprised. “He taught you you were his little princess didn’t he? Motherf*cker!” He defends his use of this language as being “direct”. He gives some nonsense about using it to “provoke people back into the reality of this moment”. I want to punch Tony hard in his giant face.

Then he gets her to break up with her boyfriend on the phone, right there, in front of 2,500 people. She wants Robbins’ approval so badly that it hurts to watch. “Pick up your f*ckin’ phone”, he says dismissively, walking away, smirking. As he lectures her about the relationship he knows nothing about, he occasionally shrugs his shoulders in apparent exasperation with her. She fumbles in her bag. Of course nobody is making her do anything. Just her intense desire to please the giant man shouting “f*cking” commands at her, the several TV cameras all pointed at her, and the palpable energy of the giant crowd all around her, all who see this as a “breakthrough”. Oh and the $5K she spent to be there. Her boyfriend hangs up on her. The music blasts. She gets a standing ovation. She looks devastated. Tony gives a little speech about being “authentic”. I want to shoot myself in the face.

The only bit of ethical activity is when the staff focus on “red flags” – vulnerable participants. The “lead trainer” approaches Tony with some of their intake forms. Tony dismisses the first one – “Total attention getter. I want to know what she looks like so I don’t waste time on her”. Truly amazing that Tony has such an insight into the human mind that he can ascertain this from a simple form. He must be truly gifted.

The most upsetting part of this documentary for me is when he invites suicidal people to stand up. Again, they have free will, but I wonder, when you spend $5K on a ticket, and you see this giant man as a beacon of hope, and he invites those with your issue to partake, are you going to refuse and potentially do yourself out of getting help? They get up and he talks to a young woman. She tells Tony that she is 26 and he berates her in his signature hilarious way – “Oh give me a break, you can take another 30 years of this shit! You’re not that f*cking weak!” At this point I am struggling to breathe, such is the level of hatred I am harbouring for Tony Robbins.

She tells him how she was born into a Christian cult. The story of sexual and emotional abuse is horrific. When she is finished he pulls her into a bear hug which goes on and on. He has some nice words for her,  acknowledges her pain, tells her she is a miracle. I am an emotional mess at this stage, clutching my struggling dog to my chest. Tony allows one single tear to travel down his enormous face. Damien Rice’s “Cold Water” blasts and she gets a standing ovation while Tony tells her that he loves her. Staggeringly creepily, he also says “I don’t want you, I love you” while looking her dead in the eye. Literally nobody was thinking about you wanting her, Tony, until now. In a move surprising nobody, he goes back to himself again. He goes on and on about his spiritual strength and how gifted he is. He just can’t resist.

Tony Robbins -

Everyone is clapping and crying. He gets her up on a chair and I have to admit that this is a nice moment of genuine appreciation from the crowd for her. Then it all goes horribly wrong again. He tells her that there are “men out there who just want to send you love, and that’s all they want, is to just send you love”. He gets her to pick three “uncles” out of the crowd as music plays. No reason is given for this, or for calling them “uncles”. Amazingly, he tells her that by looking into their eyes she’d know if they’re 1. safe (because that is clear from a person’s eyeball) and 2. that they  have “no agenda” (because agendas are also clear from a person’s eyeball).  What kind of human thinks it’s a great idea to surround a woman with three strange men minutes after she discloses sexual abuse.  I have experienced the healing power of supportive male allies first hand. I am all for it. But Christ almighty this is not the way.  He tells the “uncles” how they are chosen blah blah blah. Emotions are at Peak Emotion right now. Tony rambles on about our true nature and feeling deeply alive. Then he tells the girl that she can be trained to become his protegee. What a convenient quick fix to suicidal ideation! He truly is a miracle worker. He bangs on about his power again, and walks off as music blasts and the crowd give yet another standing ovation. Backstage he says “I’ve never dealt with this issue before”. Oh REALLY, TONY. I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED. As he takes a moment to recover, I wonder if the young woman is having her immediate needs looked after.

Other highlights include Tony getting a hapless husband to roar like a lion, after letting his misogyny show (again) with the meaningless question “’was your father a powerful man or a feminine man?” and the “Transformation Day” which is integrating the participants “thoughts, ideas and concepts into the very core of (their) nervous system”.   “Integrating”  a new state, feeling or learning and so on is often present in the therapy room. There are many different ways you can to invite your client to allow things to deepen and integrate. Little did I know that actually all you have to do is shout about it in small groups. The louder you shout the more true it is. “I see, hear, feel and know that I am PASSION!” shouts one guy. One woman half laughs during it, as though she knows this is ridiculous but she’s spent the money now so f*ck it. 

I told several of my friends about this, pressuring them to watch it, reminding them every day until they did. They were all confused. “But he isn’t helping anyone”, “He’s just talking”, “He’s a psycho”, “Why does he clap so weird?” All astute observations.

I am all for the empowerment approach of supporting a person’s choices to help themselves or try something new in whatever guise it comes. However. There are reasons that there is training in suicide intervention. Safety is not guaranteed for a suicidal person to speak in front of thousands of people about their reasons for wanting to die. It is gross to use disrespectful language to order a woman to break up with her boyfriend. It is not acceptable to grab a man by his hair and drag him around and humiliate him. It is also not okay to assign “uncles” to a sexual abuse survivor. It is also bizarre, as a giant man in a position of significant power,  to pull a female sexual abuse survivor into your chest uninvited. But you’d need to know about these things, wouldn’t you.

Tony Robbins is a mix between a show “psychic” and someone who’s read too many pseudo scientific self-help articles, combined with his own monstrous ego. Spend your money on quality therapy (you know, a qualified person working under an ethical framework), a mindfulness course or two, a nice weekend away, lots of ice pops. Whatever. Tony seems to be goal orientated, so if that is your thing, try Solution Focused Therapy, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Don’t spend it on a Tony Robbins workshop or books or whatever else he is selling. For the love of God please. This is a man with no formal education whatsoever in psychology or psychotherapy or facilitation, who performs “interventions” that he makes up on the fly, on vulnerable people in front of a crowd of thousands.  This is not a psychology workshop, it’s pop-psychology on acid. This is not the facilitation of “breakthroughs”, it’s a stage show.  No. Just no. It’s a no. From me to you.  No.

At the end they make the “sound of who (they) are” while bagpipe music crescendos.  For some reason. Then everyone leaves and goes back to their lives.

  1. Claudia says

    totally agree. I was able to watch only the first 5′ of the documentary. I instantly had the impression I was watching a master psychopath tricking people. If he indeed has strong psychopathic traits, this explains his ability to “read” people:
    The best part of the article is the advice at the end. I would add try asking your therapist before actually beginning therapy if he/she is a fan of Robbins as I know therapists who are charmed by the guy! I personally wouldn’t trust a therapist who can’t spot what this article lists.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      you missed the point by a mile, and obviously did not watch the whole film. He’s not doing what he wants but what they want. Why would the chief psychologist at Bellevue endorse him?

      1. Paper tiger says

        For money ! It’s all about money – money so they’ll tell you the secret. There is no secret.

        1. disqus_rvC3krP3Lp says

          Do you work for money? Shame on you!

    3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      Andxthe (frustrated) therapist who wrote the article didn’t get it

  2. Sanchy PB says

    What a piece of shit article

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      you’re being kind.

  3. Elizabeth Julia Robinson says

    I watched the movie last night and was thinking exactly what Mia wrote in this article. It is mind-boggling that many politicians and celebrities go to him for advice. I haven’t figured out yet why he is qualified to write books and give these seminars to troubled people. He has NO education in psychology, life coaching, etc.

    1. Greg Mueller says

      He has about 40 years of experience and verifiable results with many people. You would feel better if he had a certificate or degree?

      1. Draza Mitrovich says

        My friend swears by his tapes. He’s an able bodied white male, a US citizen with a college degree in his late 50’s AND HE CANT FIND HIS WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG. Drives Uber to make ends meet. Just because someone claims it works for them it doesn’t mean it actually does.

        1. Boo bear says

          SO much truth. The one person I know who is “addicted” to him is a struggling 20 something who posts on FB asking his friends if he can “do anything for them for money…” Super nice guy though, but I wonder why he spends thousands a year going to 3-4 seminars when he could use that to pay his rent…

          1. Jason Ambrosino says
          2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            finance is one part of success and not at the top of everyone’s hierarchy

        2. Jason Ambrosino says
        3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          its not about finance. If you watched, he said if planting a garden and writing poetry makes you fufilled, then do it

          1. Draza Mitrovich says

            People need to stop being victims to such “mind/$” predators. Evem the likes of Eckart Tolle and Adyashanti and Opra.

        4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          Never said it’s about financial wealth

          1. Draza Mitrovich says

            Yeah he camt admit he was in it for the money. Tony Robbins is really low IQ tripe tjat apeals to the lowest common denominator. Tjats how you become most succesfull, you just appeal to the lowest comon denomimator basic human emotional needs and sentiments and exploit that.

        5. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          so what if he drives an Uber? the ulitmate goal isn’t alwasy finance. The most successful person I know lives in a mobile home and sells paper flowers at street fairs.
          What is YOUR definition of success?

          1. Draza Mitrovich says

            Outsmarting myself into giving my life the illusion of meaning. Does that answer your question?

      2. E;f says

        He’s 58. He hardly has 40 yrs of experience. He did start scamming people when he was in his 20’s so I guess he has over 30yrs of scamming experience. And what is, “verifiable results” I hardly think any of the people he may have helped have ever been talked to by qualified psychologists.

        1. sickofidiocy says

          He started at 17.

          1. Jason Ambrosino says
          2. E;f says

            Scamming people when he was 17. And he has no experience. But you show how he keeps making his money.

          3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            worked for the late Jim Rohn

        2. Jason Ambrosino says
        3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          like the qualified psychologiest who took a woman’s money for years to treat her snake phobia, and he cured it in one session

        4. Carla says

          I used to know a fly-by-night building contractor whose card said he had 39 years of experience. He was 39 years old.

      3. Jason Ambrosino says
      4. E;f says

        Yes. He has no training and hardly 40yrs of experience. He’s a scammer.

      5. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        credentials or results? I have a degree in accounting, and 90% of my courses had nothing to do with my major. Formalized education is perpetrated fraud. Greatest entrepreneurs had no college

      6. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says


      7. MeredithEugeneHunt says

        Someone I know who has gone to two of TR’s seminars quoted the same stat to me. Cult followers are forearmed with answers to everything that calls their leader into question.

        1. MZMZMZMZ says

          You sound like a tRUMP cult member…

      8. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        right on!

      9. Carla says

        I heard that he had even advised Serena Williams… but of course that was after she was already successful. Maybe that’s the method to his madness — you approach someone who’s already achieved success at a moment when they are uncharacteristically struggling, give them a pep talk, and then when they get back to being their usual brilliant self you AND they claim that you were responsible for their success. Sounds parasitic to me.

    2. 35116669 says

      Because you havent taken of the blinders of your everday…ie finding your life purpose and honestly lets be honest if the government said jump you would because you yourself have been brainwashed too. Honestly do your simple life justice and try out one of his seminars preferably UPW which is honestly 1,000. Hopefully your life and how you live it can afford it.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. Jason Ambrosino says
    4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      Mind boggling? Maybe he has street cred. Who are YOUR role models?

    5. Juan Carlos Quesada says

      His experience is about Tony and his ego, and making more money and more money….this is coming from a mentor coach that traveled with him on the must team for 4 years…..Its all about the money…called ambition…

      1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        he has more free videos on youtube thatn anyone. and his material is in virtually every library in the U.S. The question is, are you going to use it/

        1. Rick says

          I would bet that they are infomercials disguised as free videos, and not everything at a library is good.

  4. Tommy Anomaly says

    Men and women ARE fundamentally different. Ignoring that is why people today have so many problems.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  5. Julia M says

    The reason it works is not because he’s so “enlightened”, it works because he uses all the techniques one needs in order to get someone into “liminal space” and then hook them in. It’s exactly what cult leaders do. It’s really very simple when you know how to do it and apparently, any narcissistic fool (ie: Tony Robbins) can pull it off once they learn how to.

    1. Boo bear says

      Yes. It’s how the church works too. This seminar stuff reminds me of youth group. I watched a clip from one of the seminars and threw up a little. To each his own, I guess, but I really hate that the person I know who idolizes him is broke and struggling and spends all of his money on this. It does make him feel better temporarily, but so does a nice trip to Costa Rica for 1/4 of the cost 😉

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Jason Ambrosino says
  6. Isis Santos Costa says

    ” I wonder if the young woman is having her immediate needs looked after.”

    The young woman has actually made a breakthrough:

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  7. Dean R Frenkel says

    I agree that Tony Robbins is awful but I think the author is as warped as him. She’s a psychotherapist who began writing this with a hangover; who’d be silly enough to entrust their psychological issues with an alcoholic? Please protect the world from Christian America.

    1. Boo bear says

      Being hungover hardly means you’re an alcoholic…I do agree with your last sentence, though 😉

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. E;f says

      Christian America? What a joke. You do realize Christian America is as enslaved as Tony Robbins followers.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Randy benton says

        I was in town and went to my old friends Christan church. His wife fell asleep and his friends got up on stage and told everyone how great they were for serving in children’s babysitting as volunteers. They are big into outdoing each other and trying to prove how self righteous they are. My friend is wealthy and he does a lot of work for the church and people and they are constantly pumping him up telling him how great he is which has turned him into an egomaniac. He doesn’t understand that once the money stops and the favors stop, these flattering fake people will disappear. I don’t understand why people would go to a place to get fed spiritually that is so dead that you actually fall asleep. I don’t even know who my childhood friend is anymore he has been so indoctrinated into this suburban Christianity click and his business is going to hell and he and his wife are both having affairs and everything is great as long as we are impressing the Jones’s and using people up like used tissue. He chases more tail than me and I’m single. He was ill and has surgery. He offered me a job because he had brain surgery and I felt obligated to help him. I stayed several days until he was better. I went to meet his workers and he told them I was going to come back and go to work for him. I got back to his home about to leave back to my town. He told me he didn’t need me to come back and work. I was confused as I drove home but relieved as I didn’t want to move up there for a few months but I would to help him. I found out it was all a sham. He did that to piss off his bro in law who worked for him and got him to quit thinking I was going to take his place. I have seen many people that are evil like this that go to church and hide behind that church and their image of good works. I won’t ever go see my friend again and I hope his brain injury caused his deception. He told me he was just “special” at the work he does. I guess the way he devalued me and used me means I’m not special. So much for Christians.

        1. Ricky says

          Please don’t ont blame all Christian’s but your friend is an asshole and not a true Christian. I’m sure it hurts to lose a friend and I hope you can let it go while also forgiving him so you can let go of the pain.

        2. Reg6 Dot Com says

          Christian in name only. The Apostle Paul prophesied that’s how it would be in the end times: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud… lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5

          That’s why I now home church. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The church has married the world and become a den of demons.

    3. Jason Ambrosino says
    4. Larissa says

      Yes please save us from those Christians who believe in forgiveness, kindness and compassion so scary!

      1. Dean R Frenkel says

        Cmon Larissa, let’s be real and balanced. Christian America has some good points which are more than counter-weighed by over-breeding, over-eating, noise, peroxided teeth, delusions, gun-worshiping, righteous evangelising … Americans must realise they are still monkeys.

        1. Just Facts says

          Why MUST Americans REALIZE (not realise) they are Monkeys? Were aren’t monkeys. Science proves this. A Ford and a Ferrari both have 4 wheels and a steering wheel, but that doesn’t mean a Ferrari came from a Ford you moron.

          1. Dean R Frenkel says

            No need to be abusive. Science proved Americans are not monkeys? Are you a flat-earther who believes that humans descended from the heavens. Humans are not cars. Scientifically Americans are much closer to being monkeys than Ford or Ferraris.

    5. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      astute observation

    6. Chris Bramley says

      You are aware that hangover doesn’t equal alcoholic? A little judgemental there. And a lot misunderstood.

      1. Dean R Frenkel says

        What do you think a hangover is? The end result of using and abusing so much grog that you are left temporarily imbecilic and in no state to drive as your agonised body travels through the detox process. Alcoholics should not be ethically permitted to treat others with psychological problems.

        1. Chris Bramley says

          I know what a hangover is.

          Getting drunk is not the same as being an alcoholic. You really need to learn your definitions.

          How are you making a causal link between being temporarily unable to drive (related to reaction time, not being “imbecilic” and having an “agonised body”, which is mostly down to dehydration) and the ethical treatment of psychological problems, which does not rely on reaction times in an article?

          Here are a couple of realities to help you move forward:

          1) correlation≠causation


          Have fun. Either you’ll learn something, or you’ll defend your incorrect view to suit your ego

          1. Dean R Frenkel says

            Ok Chris. Having a hangover does not necessarily indicate alcoholism but it is still one if it’s symptoms. I will suggest a psychologist who proudly broadcasts her hangover is promoting alcoholic values and is likely unfit to treat patients. Our society can also be perceived as alcoholic in how it normalises grog consumption. I do contest your statement that being drunk does not make you temporarily very stupid. Mate, I’m not religious about it. I’m just tired of the domination of alcohol and it’s consequences.

          2. Michael Sico says

            Sigmund Freud abused Cocaine for 9 years so what is your point. Many psychologists and therapists are actually really good at what they do because they have minimized and figured out their own insanity and neurosis. Were all a bit mad including YOU sir!!

          3. Dean R Frenkel says

            Many psychologists are much more damaged than their patients and should not be treating them. If I needed psychotherapy, I’d much prefer to see a solid wise healer than a wounded quack.

          4. Michael Sico says

            Also Sir have you ever worked in the addiction or mental health field?? If you had you would not make a comment as ignorant as the one you posted. Again Sigmund Freud injected cocaine for 9 years while treating patients. Its like saying Tiger Woods can’t play golf well because he is a womanizer. Obviously he won major tournaments while doing amoral things. Complexity is where the truth is. Think deeper and you may find it. Go read beyond good and Evil by Nietzsche and get back to me. Thanks

        2. Carla says

          The fact that she mentions the hangover as an entry-point for the article suggests that she sees it as a fundamental aspect of who she is. She’s telling us she has a problem, n’est-ce pas?

    7. Carla says

      Yah I kind-of was shocked about her whole ‘hangover’ thing. Kind-of says something about her, and what it says is not very flattering…

  8. Arnold Ziffel says

    He is entertainment only.

  9. Ryan Blakeman says

    I respect this article’s opinions on Tony as I do with the rest of the comments posted. We all have the right to perceive this article as we do. My opinion is of the opposite. The facts supporting Tony Robbins helping people and changing lives is much more positive than negative. Not every one can use Tony Robbins to help in their lives. But it’s unfair to take away from the people he has helped and invalidate what his message is all about. I feel it is unfair for someone to judge what life coaching options are best for another person. First I want to talk about doctors/therapist. As human beings we all are fallible. Just because a doctor or therapist has a degree doesn’t make them great. Same with teachers and many other professions. Most is proven with results. I have been in therapy and listened to my doctor just ask question after question and I thought to myself l…how is this helping me? I have never been to one of Tony’s seminars, but I did watch the documentary and I have begun to read his books and I can truely say he message has helped me to feel better about myself and help me reach my goals far better than any amount of therapy I have received so far. With that said I believe even if we help one person reach their potential and our motivations come from good intentions then I believe that is a win. My perception of Tony’s message is so easy and clear, and that is to get up and do something. We control who we are and what we do. Many of our goals and wants are clouded by fear and/or other factors that have played a part in our lives. But dwelling on them doesn’t help, action does. Now would or should you pay $5000 dollars to understand that message, well that’s up to you. Some would say that knowledge and those seminars are invaluable. In addition, I’m sure there are many people who end up there without paying a penny through free tickets and so on. A good friend of mine was one of those people and he said it changed his life. With regards to doctors/therapist, they also cost money. I don’t believe you can put a price tag on help and coaching if it works and one can afford to pay it. So I feel the question we must ask is, has he helped people? That answer is yes.

    1. Zeeshan Mahmud says

      Fantastic and well articulated reply. Absolutely agree. Respect.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        We’re among the few sane people in this forum

        1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          we’re a niche. In tony’s words, listen to the pack then run the other way!

    2. Laura Metro says

      Thank you Ryan. Well said. Many of the people who attend these seminars are there because they’ve spent thousands on traditional therapy (~$100 a session each week to a therapist for a year = $5200 ) and medication (also thiusandsbin cost) and haven’t made the improvement they want. I recently attended Unleash The Power Within in the NYC area. I am a college educated female living 5 miles outside of Washington, DC. I have a relationship with a therapist and have been through sone trauma in my lifetime. I live a great normal life with a husband and family. I have many emotional tools in my belt. I am healthy, eat well and exercise regularly. My point in giving you this resume of sorts is for those reading this to understand that I am the furthest thing from a person seeking to join a cult. But let me tell you something, I defiantly felt a little silly at times as moments during the seminar did remind me of seeing Jim & Tammy Baker on TV, but I loved it. It was powerful, motivating, spiritual, helpful, mind blowing, fun, deep, empowering and everything else in between. Once I took my sceptic hat off and gave myself to the experience it really was something I’ll never forget. I’m happy I attended and feel more free emotionally and joyful. I paid $500 for my ticket and had a great seat. I spent 4 days at 12 hours each getting constant information. Far better value than many other far more expensive conferences I’ve attended that care more about schmoozing and partying than getting to work. So, I Devin’s you made jokes to my new friends that we had joined a mega church, experienced an exorcism and that Tony is the messiah but that was all in good fun. I learned a lot and left a lot of emotional baggage there. Huge win for 4 days and $500 IMO

      1. Ryan says

        Thank you for sharing. You have just validated my post.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. E;f says

      Wake up Ryan. Tony hasn’t helped anyone. Tony is in it for Tony and all the money he can make.

      1. Ryan says

        Didn’t know people that help others aren’t allowed to make money.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        Hasn’t helped anyone
        See Mark Benioff, Salesforce

      4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        why don’t you ask the founder of salesforce if he was helped

    4. Jason Ambrosino says
    5. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      HIs materials are available free of charge from any library. Some need the charge of a live seminar, some self study. There is a choice

    6. Juan Carlos Quesada says

      I was a mastery mentor coach with Tony Robbins for 4 years. Tonys work helps temporary, bus NOT a permanent solution…Its mostly about Tony and Greed. The average person cannot pay for his seminars, its called ambition that comes from OUR ego…

      1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        but they can pay for his books or go to the library and read and listen for free correct?

        1. Juan Carlos Quesada says

          Tonys free stuff did not get me any where, just focus to buy more stuff…ambition but His health and time management seminars are very good, but everything else I would not recomend…..In my experience in the past 20 years, Wayne Dyer and Eckard Tolle is a complete diferent world in changing one self and reach a higher concioness….I highly recommend them….

    7. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      best response yet

  10. Raymond Carroll says

    Totally agree. I used to like Tony Robbins (years ago – ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ era) but find the guy totally nauseating now. I tried watching this documentary on Netflix and had to turn it off well before it finished – Tony Robbins looks and sounds like a proper nutcase in this doc. A narcissistic, ego-maniac with a major ‘God complex’ – after watching the first 5 minutes of this documentary I wanted to punch Tony in his giant face too!

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. James Lambert says

      I felt exactly the same way

    3. Nick Follett says

      Well he has mad hatter disease now, doesn’t he.

    4. Michael Sico says

      Well said. A complete Megalomaniac is what Tony Robbins is. Due to people always being vulnerable and susceptible to a spiritual con man he will always have “Clients” or prey.

  11. Greg Mueller says

    If your experience with Tony Robbins is based primarily on this documentary, you really dont have much perspective with which to have on opinion on his effectiveness or his authenticity. There are plenty of people out there who do have first hand experience, maybe you should talk to them. Or maybe you should ask yourself what is causing this angry reaction within you. I dont know you, but I do know it’s something other than Tony Robbins or your desire to save people from him.

    1. Auntie Depressant says

      Kool-Aid, anyone? Until you’ve been DIRECTLY affected by “grandiose” male narcissists, as well as cult-psychology, I guess you’ll be lining the pockets of people like Tony Robinson and the d-bag who penned “The Game”…aka, the sociopath’s guide to “picking up women” (wasn’t aware we’d fallen down in the first place..) EVERY time someone even hints at their life “changing” due to this man, it’s an automatic integrity/character shut-off valve for me; TR recruits people in various weakened states, to become narcissism disciples. What a PERFECT time for him and his rhetoric to exist! (although I’ve been seeing him in infomercials, I swear, for over 40 years)..I’ll tell you what our current culture needs is LESS “introspection”, LESS “me, me, me, POWERFUL, AMAZING MEEE!”, and for the love of God, a few less blogs, “selfies”, and “mindfulness” that is so far from the original practice, it’s frankly worrying.

      If you’ve nothing better to do with five-grand, than to give it to a megalomaniac, I’m sure Trump wouldn’t turn it down…I feel genuinely sorry for you people who buy into this man’s detritus and adrenaline-inducing nonsense…he’s a clever con-man, I’ll give him that.

      1. Sonny Crockett says

        Just walk away. You seem to have more of a problem with people being happy because of him. If it’s not for you, cool. Just…walk…away. Lastly, you just couldn’t help adding something political to try to strengthen your position? Maybe TM would work for you? SMH

        1. Bertha says

          Wow, you seem like someone who works for him hiding under a fake name. People NOT falling in line with the sway of group think is admirable, if not extremely helpful.
          So everyone else, keep on thinkin’ & speakin’ freely.

          1. Sonny Crockett says

            Stop talking……..

          2. Simian Fawlmawth says

            If you don’t like articles about Tony Robbins, don’t read them! Just walk away!

          3. Jason Ambrosino says
          4. Sonny Crockett says

            Of COURSE it’s a fake name…..”Sonny Crockett” was Don Johnson’s character on the show Miami Vice, which I still really dig…….Lastly, maybe I don’t WORK for Tony Robbins, maybe I AM Tony Robbins………….#StohhhhpWillYaWithTheNonsense

          5. Bertha says

            I knew that sounded familiar! Hahah…that’s funny.
            What’s up Tony? 😉

          6. Sonny Crockett says

            You made me laugh a bit!

          7. Jason Ambrosino says
          8. Sonny Crockett says

            I’m “Rick” Bertha….pleasure to meet you.

          9. Jason Ambrosino says
          10. Jason Ambrosino says
          11. Jason Ambrosino says
          12. Jason Ambrosino says
        2. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Gee says

        Agreed. I had to dump someone I was dating due to this.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. Alex Pereda says

        I believe this world needs more introspection, that’s for sure, maybe less ego? But introspection is something that this society as a whole is severely lacking.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      4. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      you nailed it!

  12. Draza Mitrovich says

    I have no Idea why people tolerate this. If you tolerate this, then you tolerate TV evangelists, wrestling, mainstream media outlets, Palestinian genocide, flat earth and so on. The documentary, was to say the least jaw droppingly disgusting and embarrassing. He ruined people’s lives by exploiting their rather serious mental conditions. Here is a man who took HGH hormone pills as a child as he was severely underdeveloped and as a result developed gigantism which unleashed a deeply repressed ego because now, suddenly he’s towering over everyone. People being sheep register tall men as alpha males and blindly follow. The guy is a selfish self serving manic @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      Never took HgH. in the words of Mark Twain, get your facts straight before you distort them.

    3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      They ” tolerate” it because they want to better themselves
      Why are you threatened by those whi have a purpose in life

      1. Draza Mitrovich says

        because if i wanted to be a good engineer I’d listen to successful engineers. if i wanted to be a good carpenter I’d listen to succesfull carpenters. Who the F is Tony Robbins!!??? He’s manic, sleazy, gets off/high on controlling peoples minds and rationalizes that in his head that it’s for your own good, but its the egomaniac monster a big nothing! Not only does he not have any ACTUAL skills but I seriously doubt he has ANY social skill other than mansplainig the world to everyone. But if you are an American idiot you either fall intio this or some kind of pyramid scheme or Scientology. Pick your poison because you have shits for brains. Not you but I’m talking about his audience.

        1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          He’s living rent free inside your head
          All you have is character assassination and the fact you’re jaded
          Frwderick Covan Chief psychiatrist at Bellevue, wrote the forward to his book
          Why don’t you read what he wrote
          Or Mark Benioff
          Or the POTUS who called him the night before impeachment
          That’s who he is
          Who are you?

          1. Draza Mitrovich says

            are we dropping names now?

          2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            Dropping names more relevant than dropping a rurd in the bowl

          3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            whats wrong with that? who should we believe

        2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          Frederck L Covan, chief psychologist at Bellevue, disagrees. Do you know what Bellevue is?

    4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      because they want a better quality of life, rather than sit here and join all the pundits who are dissatisfied.

  13. Jennifer Milne says

    Three individuals who crew for this person have committed suicide.

    1. Sonny Crockett says


      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Perfect Stranger says

      Really? Can you provide more information on this?

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        He can’t
        Tony hasn’t lost anyone to suicide yet although even he is incredulous

    3. Jason Ambrosino says
  14. Sonny Crockett says

    Robbins is brilliant in the sense that he offers a spectacle of a product and those that want it, will go, buy or watch. Those that have no interest, will NEVER go, buy or watch. The author seems to be believe that you need a “formal” education to help people. As an aside, my Father barely scraped through high school, lived during the depression, fought in two wars, was a Police Officer for 27 years and THAT, was his “formal” education, from which I graduated with honors. Back to Robbins, if you don’t dig it, don’t go, buy or watch. To those that do go, buy or watch and have changed their lives for the better in ANY way for the better…..God bless and “Walk on.”

    1. E;f says

      Tony is only brilliant in that he has found people to scam and give him money. He doesn’t help anyone.

      1. Sonny Crockett says

        Millions would disagree…….If you can’t listen to one of his lectures on YouTube (Very free by the by) and be motivated…..then it just might be YOU. You don’t dig, walk on, to quote Bruce Lee.

        1. E;f says

          Wow, You bought into the lies. Good for you and keeping Tony in the money while the rest of us think for ourselves.

          1. Jason Ambrosino says
        2. Jason Ambrosino says
        3. E;f says

          He’s a scam artist making millions. Good for him, sooo sooo sad for you.

          1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            Sasdest for you because you havex o put down ppl who want to do something with their lives
            What’s your master plan. General?

          2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            he feeds 10 million ppl eaxh Thanksgiving
            How many did you feed besides your fat face?

      2. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        why don’t you ask Oprah, Usher, Ray Dalio, Mark Benioff

      4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        Nobody can help you

    2. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says


  15. Jim says

    Whats that with the stupid headset hes wearing 24×7 ?!!!!!!

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  16. Amy Harding says

    I watched this Tony Robbins documentary as well,and I felt exactly what the author was feeling, most of all that this guy is an opportunistic con man.He preys on weak-minded people to make himself insanely wealthy. He gives no real advice other than common sense, and for him to consider himself able or trained to counsel suicidal people is dangerous. I thought the most disturbing part of this documentary was when Tony’s ‘team’, (driving in a limo, of course), was discussing the fact that one young woman had sold all of her worldly possessions to get the $5K to attend the seminar. They were all saying, “Isn’t that wonderful?” No, it’s NOT wonderful. Is Tony concerned where the woman is going to live after the seminar? Is he going to buy her some furniture? Seemed to me that all Tony cared about was getting his money. There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration, but find it from someone other than this greed monger.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      a Chevy Suburban is a limo? Your true colors show.

    3. James Lambert says

      Totally agree

  17. Bella Luna says

    NLP, if the guy invented it then it all makes sense

    1. James George says

      Tony did not invent NLP, that would be Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder.

      1. Gee says

        Thanks for educating the uneducated here. It’s amazing how much stock folks place in advertising. Robbins would absolutely have folks believe he created NLP

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
        2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          he never pretended to and gives credit to Grinder, Bandler and Erickson

      2. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        he changed it to neuro associative conditioning. Bandler and Grinder are great, but if you ever have insomnia, turn on their marathon talks on youtube. Tony took the filler out and gets right to it.

    2. Jason Ambrosino says
  18. Jo Walsh Dukarić says

    Wow. “I Am Not Your Guru”. Could he have thought up a title what doesn’t sound so similar to the brilliant documentary “I Am Not Your Negro”, or is he just so unimaginative that he had to steal that title from a black man who gave excellent commentary about the realities of being black in the United States of Amerikkka.

    1. Sean Dullum says

      Are you turning this into a race-based topic?

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        I just think he’s ignorant

    2. Jason Ambrosino says
  19. Sasha Mirzoyan says

    Great article. I can definitely see your point, I tend to lean on the skeptical side as well. It’s hard to justify a hefty price tag for something so over the top and hyped up that isn’t aligned with existing scientific consensus on behavioral psychology etc.

    I personally haven’t been to Tony’s events, but I’ve been to another similar caliber event, albeit without interventions. The emotional charge that Tony creates, whether it is achieved ethically or not, is undeniable, as long as those he helps believe in the transformation. It is the same way a charismatic preacher would rally up his church goers, who have an unshakable faith in the higher power. Arguably, if the results are real and people felt a real change down to their bones, then it may well be worth it. In a way, that emotional charge, that hyped up commitment to self-healing and transformation is all that matters. Therapy is just another way to address issues human beings experience in life, and it can also cost a lot of money for ongoing sessions. There is no right or wrong way to do things, but Tony’s medium is freaky, to say the least 🙂

    1. Sonny Crockett says

      Bottom line is… is holding gun to your head. If you want to go, go; if you don’t, don’t. Her article is like me writing an article on Cuba, without ever having been there, based on watching a documentary on Discovery….and giving an seemingly “elevated,” and authoritated opinion because I have a degree or two.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Jason Ambrosino says
  20. James George says

    The problem so many people will have is Tony removes the victim role mentality from the snowflake generation. so needless to say a lot of people won’t be liking what he does. They will go back to their bottle of prozac and miserable lives and think Tony is a con man. What Tony knows is if people don’t invest in themselves they won’t value themselves.
    I followed Tony’s program and became a Millionaire before I was 30 years old, but I didn’t sit there and criticize his every last move, I simply did all the exercises as he presented them 3 times what he recommended. I didn’t make excuses, i didn’t blame my bad childhood or the Government. I just did it, with that my self esteem and self worth rose tremendously. But sure, picking him apart and demonize him and continue in your alcoholic stupor, I am sure you will be famous someday.

    1. Freaqueshow says

      Well aren’t you a special flower then.

      1. Sonny Crockett says

        Yes he is….AND a very successful one.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Sasha Mirzoyan says

      I agree with you point, James. People spend to much time and energy criticizing others to make themselves feel better, while loosing on the game. I was one of those people, who was unaware of underlying limiting patterns of thinking which were instilled in me in my early childhood, and I think it is super important to recognize what’s holding us back subconsciously in order to address it in appropriate manner and move on–not keep blaming the past as an escape mechanism of good old excuses for our failure and inaction…

      Objectively, there are certain practices in the personal development world that people like TR engage in, which are questionable or manipulative, but that is beyond the point. I also want to say, money and financial success, albeit important in life, isn’t the core measurement of one’s well being and happiness, as I’m sure you would agree.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. Jason Ambrosino says
    4. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      best response yet. You had a similar result as the guy who started Salesforce.

    5. sramorino says

      yeah I’m sure being a white man had nothing to do with you becoming a millionaire. Keep thinking it was all your own hard work. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

      You are a stereotype of a sociopathic capitalist

  21. LoyalLeo says

    Mia Doring, you are funny AF! Thank you for this! Blessing to you and all that you love.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  22. Donny Lee says

    It was interesting to see Mia point out Tony always came back to his story and that it is narcissism at play. I had to look the Mia up and the first video was a Ted Talks where she focuses on herself and her biggest mistake, surprisingly (but not), she was drunk passed out and raped in a park at 16 years old. She goes on to talk about many other assaults. How does a person smart enough to be a “psychotherapist” put themselves in that situation time and time again, if it is even true. This is a terrible thing, but one of those things of which she obviously takes no responsibility, kinda like walking into gangland Chicago and wondering why you were shot. She wasn’t born into that situation like the young Brazilian woman in Tony’s seminar, it was self inflicted. So everyone read an article by a woman who takes no responsibility for actions that have created a narcissistic platform for her to heavily discount a man who clearly cares.
    Mia wrote “Tony allows one single tear drop traveling down his enormous face” when Tony was interviewing the young Brazilian that had been born into rape, but failed to mention the breakdown he had when getting interviewed after the segment. Get Real Mia…

  23. Mr.Meeseeks says

    Is the author straight out of high school or something? What a disgusting person.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      no she got her degree from technical school. DiscoTECH

  24. Matthias von Mitzlaff says

    thank you Mia, for your very interesting article.
    I watched the video on Netflix and liked it quite a lot. Reflecting on it and reading your feedback I tend to realize that there are indeed many disturbing aspects in it (one of the biggest being Robbins hugging the girl that escaped the horrible church cult). To me, you are right in almost everything you state.
    Great work from you!
    Kind regards from Berlin, Matthias

    1. AgentKnowHow says

      I don’t expect you to understand this but that young lady needed a hug at that moment. She was starving for healthy affection and he wasn’t gross about it. He calls these conversations with audience members “interventions.” Maybe he prepares for them in advance or does them on the spot. Either way, the point of these seminars is to get you out of your comfort zone and teach you strategies to overcome your worst fears. I can see why you reacted negatively to this part in the documentary. He taught her right there and then that touch doesn’t have to remind her of her horrific past. Just my two cents!

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        your two cents worth expotentially more You nailed it. Yes she needed hugs, nothing sexual here.

    2. Jason Ambrosino says
  25. Síl says

    I wasted money I couldn’t afford on two of his courses in the past. I
    gave my 100% and it doesn’t work – and it’s not our fault. We’re being
    sold a fantasy.

    In the long term it actually made things
    worse for me as we get tired of repeatedly and consistently failing.
    You feel revved up for a few days
    or weeks, then comes the
    inevitable crash. I have spoken to mental health professionals and they
    all say the same: that they have to pick up the pieces after Robbins
    has left town. Keep your money and sanity.

    As a ‘bonus’ I too was publicly humiliated
    at one of his seminars (he made despicable sexual jokes about my
    emotional pain.) As a result I spent the rest of the seminar being
    laughed at and disrespected by men attending the course thanks to Robbins and his sexual harassment.

    he finds a weakness in you he’ll
    exploit it. I suspect that he finds at least one person at every event
    who he’ll humiliate as a way of making sure that no one else will
    challenge him. He’s a damaging narcissist who appears to me to have no
    consideration for his customers (sorry, I meant victims).

    The only way of defeating someone like Robbins is to stand up to him.

  26. Diana Londoño says

    I’m a rape survivor. I saw the documentary because I was in a really bad place, I have depression and my “special other” told me to watch it, trying to help me because it helped him on the past. Oh God, I was not prepared. He did it with the best of the intentions, I watched the whole thing because I’m always afraid of saying “no” to a suggestion to get out of the whole. I’m afraid they’re gonna say that I’m depressed because I don’t try enough to get out of it. So I try everything is suggested to me.
    When the rape story came up, I lost it. I went full PTSD panic attack. I can’t believe how irresponsible he is. Talking about your rape story, in public, in such a vulnerable way can push someone to suicide. I’ve ended completely broken and this SO tells me that she has had it worse than me. This just convinced me this fucking self-help gurus are the worst and they don’t realy care about people. They destroy them

  27. Diana Londoño says

    I’m a rape survivor. I saw the documentary because I was in a really bad place, I have depression and my “special other” told me to watch it, trying to help me because it helped him on the past. Oh God, I was not prepared. He did it with the best of the intentions, I watched the whole thing because I’m always afraid of saying “no” to a suggestion to get out of the hole. I’m afraid they’re gonna say that I’m depressed because I don’t try enough to get out of it. So I try everything it’s suggested to me.
    When the rape story came up, I lost it. I went full PTSD panic attack. I can’t believe how irresponsible he is. Talking about your rape story, in public, in such a vulnerable way can push someone to suicide. I’ve ended completely broken and this SO tells me that she has had it worse than me. This just convinced me this fucking self-help gurus are the worst and they don’t really care about people. They destroy them

    1. LuiG says

      You know she’s a very successful coach and mentor now for so many people right?

      1. E;f says

        No she isn’t. And she was a fake plant in the audience.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
        2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

          B.S. she went through training with Chloe Medannes.
          Get your facts straight.

      2. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        yes she is.

    2. Gee says

      This is what happens when people place their cash and their faith in someone with no formal education or training in psychiatry. Most of the folks who go to these events would be better served with an actual counselor who operates under an ethical framework. Robbins clearly does not operate under any sort of ethical framework

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        psychiatry? the profession that has the highest suicide rate? (MD’s have the highest mortality)
        Lobotomies, shock therapy and psychotropic drugs? Lord help you.

        1. Gee says

          So what is your point? When you want to debate like an adult and converse in something other than an uneducated word salad let us know. Also, how about you go die in a fire? Save us all the time spent having to read your incoherent babble.

          1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            Show me the errors and i will retract

          2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            All you have is character assasination because you had your ass handed to you

          3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

            My point is that you are an unqualified moron, evidenced by the fact you didn’t get the point

    3. Bertha says

      I agree, he’s cavalier and people tolerate it because he’s famous and all that. But he should be more careful with people’s pain and trauma, it’s not for him to toy with.

      1. Sean Dullum says

        I disagree. He just does not subscribe to the idea that the feelings around pain and trauma have to endlessly dictate your life. Everyone has the power to overcome destructive feelings.. some through self discovery, some through therapy, and some through seminars. Its tough when you are addicted to your story and your “pain and trauma” and then perpetually continue it by asking someone else to endorse it. That just holds you back.

        1. Bertha says

          I like your thinking and hope it’s true that we can overcome our pain and trauma.

          1. Jason Ambrosino says
        2. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Jason Ambrosino says
      3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

        Pain is the leverage that compels you to change
        Read his chapter The Emotions of Power

        1. Bertha says

          Yes, so true. Pain is a sign to take notice and see what’s going on, and go/heal from there.

    4. Jason Ambrosino says
    5. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      It worked for the victim didn’t it?

  28. Luis G Noriega T says

    You sound SO SALTY and hurt/triggered for some unknown reason. Maybe you secretly wish all your problems went away and resent people that actually do something about it?

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  29. Jim Sarji, DDS says

    whats works for some does not work for all….many people say you get out of it what u put in…he has saved a lot of marriages though…Jim Sarji, DDS

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  30. Gee says

    I recently broke up with a woman who is a big time follower of TR. She claimed she was not an “inundated” follower of his but that his events have helped her break out of her comfort zone. (last we spoke, she said she is flying off to Fiji in October to yet another TR seminar) The last few months of our dating she tried at almost every turn to get me to go to one of his events. I always said no. I can see through this guy as if he were made of glass. She loved his infodoc (its not even close to a documentary). I hated it and it stands for everything that is wrong with this guy. She is extremely wealthy which is mostly why I did not like dating her. The income disparity(almost every time we spoke on the phone she somehow had to bring up money in some way shape or form and it got boring.) was too much. With her, everything has to be high class and expensive. I prefer to be low key. I am upper middle class. The constant bugging about attending a seminar and the constant money money money focus was what finally drove me over the edge. I knew I had to get away from her. Given what I know about her and her past, I hypothesize that she has a huge hole in her life and she is paying someone to “save” her instead of receiving ethical counseling which after knowing her, I feel she needs in a big way. I pity her and feel sad for her. She can’t see it. I’m glad I finally ended it.

    1. AgentKnowHow says

      Good of you to move on. You outlined how you were not compatible with her and she is paying to save herself. His methods may be unorthodox but you may have some limiting beliefs about income/wealth, which is why your mind was shut off to attending an event in person. What harm would have come to you going to one event with her? Ask yourself honestly. I am curious as to your response.

      1. Gee says

        Here are my reasons why:
        1. If I had psychiatric or emotional issues I would go to a licensed therapist
        2. I have only ever received financial advice from a certified professional and I currently use one whom I’ve had a long history with
        3. My portfolio is doing just fine (see #2 for why) and is growing and I have some great resources and peers.
        4. Because TR is wealthy only because so many people do not know how to build wealth and or are lost and directionless, therefore he is wealthy because of this.
        5. He has no certifications in psychiatry or finance and most finance experts have shown his advice on investing to be completely off the charts wrong
        6. I’ve see others drink his Kool-aide and they all sound just like you.

        1. Jason Ambrosino says
      2. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      how come she hands out in tips what you pay in taxes?

  31. Richard Trainor says

    Nail on the head Mia…. this was a fun read and I share your thoughts.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  32. Rap Man says

    I don’t understand what the problem is, if he helps people and is rewarded then it’s fine? If you go to the hospital do you start saying you should not be making money from this if they make you good again? I don’t know if he is fake or not but if it works then….?

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  33. matthewyesitis . says

    I gotta say, Tony Robbins is someone I can point to not only in my general but deeply held and empowering (perhaps he’s the reason, or part of it) idea that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it–no small feat in an obvious, victim-loving culture of hatred of self-empowerment–but he also, through a technique in his book, I think helped me to stop smoking weed through a thing where you develop good associations toward one thing and bad associations toward another, and I gotta say, his other stuff has been no joke either. It’s easy to pick him up and put him down, but he’s a good guy, and this is coming from someone who felt more or less terrified when he said they would all be her uncles–not that I thought it was necessarily “creepy,” which I think is a weaponized, overblown term, but that I would feel such anxiety, or could, to have three people who were now randomly going to be accountable for me and that I would have to keep in touch with, etc. It’s just a lot of social responsibility and attachment and awkwardness, generally

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  34. Cartman says

    The tone of this writing is resentful!

    This writer doesn’t use her critical mind to find out WHY Tony does what he does. Seriously, she makes no attempt to find out why peak energy in a room matters. (It’s because if you don’t have emotion, you wont remember things, he wants you to USE the info, not just attend the event. LOL)

    Tony Robbins literally created a new theory of the human mind. “6 Human Needs Psychology”, is able to accurately explain the reasons behind any human behaviour, no matter how strange it may seem on the outside. He also has worked with 100’s of millions of people around the world, who happily pay the admission to his events, again and again (probably they aren’t stupid if they can afford it?).

    You sat in a room with him for 72 hours in a week (your numbers, not mine), and he told you enough information to change your life forever, and all you put in your story is about how the positivity made you sick to your stomach. Maybe YOU were the one with the problem?

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      of course she’s resentful. she went into debt to get a piece of paper yet doesn’t have a scintilla of his skills

  35. Tim says

    Ah it’s a shame this is so poorly written. I was hoping for more of an theoretical perspective and got a load of millennial style fluff language, like ‘shoot myelf in the face’. Oh dear.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  36. Angie Kareem says

    Hmm. I guess being a writer some research might have been in order. If you have actually looked at his material and results (I guess presidents, top sports people, top business people, entrepreneurs, and top performers in every field pay him and not you because they are not as smart as you. And they got to where they are being dumb and wasting money, of course.)

    Being into psychotherapy and not being aware of NLP (I am a licensed practitioner) might explain a lot of your “I have no idea what happened” comments too.

    Tony has deeply studied success from various viewpoints, including cognitive therapy, fitness, etc.

    What he basically does is strip out fancy words professionals use to hide behind and focused on what practically brings results and be relatable to ordinary people, non-threatening and USABLE.

    I speak from using his materials and benefitting. I am in a state of love and gratitude, so I totally understand Tony’s way of proceeding, but those in hungover states of vitriolic hate may not. I was googling resources relating to Date with Destiny… Is how I found you.

    Tony makes it entertaining as part of a deliberate strategy to engage people in all their senses (surely you must have at least heard something about different learning styles, however basic, and what works? Are those learning strategies not obviously used here to help people learn?)

    As for the breakthroughs on the film: he was deliberately breaking destructive patterns (the girl’s phobia of men due to sexual abuse and helping her find safe connections, and you can bet his people were following up (as is evidenced on tape too) to follow through with her ) and the hen pecked husband roared to reconnect to his masculinity, experiential learning is the best way: by doing and feeling it. Soo obvious.

    Anyway, so much could be said. But those with ears will hear. Those with eyes will see. As for the rest.. to each is own. I will continue focusing on improving and growing myself with Tony and other wonderful teachers, and leave you to bash the ones doing good work. Blessings

    1. E;f says

      Anyone can say they are a licensed practitioner. You are just one of Tony’s cult followers trying to post BS so Tony doesn’t look bad.

      1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. Jason Ambrosino says
    3. Ricky says

      Best response, beautiful.

  37. Baloo says

    i nearly died laughing so hard at this post, thanks!!! i thought many of the same things watching his documentary. he is not resolving issues- at all. he doesn’t say anything helpful, and they are actors which no one realizes. he’s an incredibly inelegant business man and knows to to evoke emotion of a crowd to buy in to what he is saying/doing by using actors, stories, and loud music, hands on experiences (people touching eachother) to make everyone feel like they are “free”. IT IS ALL MARKETING, PEOPLE! LISTEN TO HIS PODCASTS ON BUSINESS, HE IS PLAYING YOU!

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  38. Brian A says

    Tony Robbins is a two-bit huckster selling snake oil to the gullible, weak, and vulnerable. His methods are dangerous, crass/borderline perverted (I once watched him make a man recount his sexual experiences on stage), as well as being throughly predatory and capitalistic in nature. I find him to be an offensive and insidious individual. This article is correct in many ways, but only scratches the surface. I fear with time we’ll find out more disturbing truths about this deranged megalomaniac.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  39. Amanda says

    You must not have seen the Bonus Material on Netflix!!! You would GO NUTS after you see the disrespect and insanity of his comments. The woman and her daughter were obviously targeted by the staff using the forms the everyone had to complete. There’s NO WAY he remembered her from 18 YEARS AGO!!! He was threatening and intimidating. Very sad. People are so desperate for help that they can see through the superficiality of the temporary high. Lots of blaming of the person who is seeking help!

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  40. Jason Ambrosino says

    A psychotherapist hating on a man who had helped tens of thousands people with techniques she doesn’t approve of – yet he gets breakthroughs in minutes that takes her mkntuo – this write-up wreaks of jealousy.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      grand slam home run!!

  41. disqus_fnwCMQDX7u says

    I agree what he did to the ex-children of god member was totally sick. You know they call men in the cult that they are forced to have sex with as kids “uncles,” right? and having her pick out three random guys to be at least emotionally intimate with is exactly what she was socialized to do, only sexually. also the hugging… you don’t hug someone you don’t know who just talked about their sexual abuse. and he seemed like he was flirting and touching her a lot. and making everyone love bomb her just like children of god did… he talks about himself like he’s david berg too! also clearly he knew her story beforehand and probably came up with that twisted idea because he knew she would easily fall into that same pattern again. poor woman.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      are you just medically frigid or is it psychological? Get help. The woman responded and to this day keeps in touch with her uncles.

      1. disqus_fnwCMQDX7u says

        You’re the one who needs help if you think not liking CSA is “frigid”

  42. 35116669 says

    Honestly invest the money in your life and go to UPW which is the least expensive event he has and play full out. Hell, he said if you want your money back he would give it to you. For the people that there life purpose is to work at Mcdonalds and walmart. I cant judge them, but instead of drinking and sitting on your butt not going anywhere with your life actually get up and go. Leave a comment below once you have honestly have grounds to talk on not a video on netflix because you would rather watch That 70’s show or avengers or even porn. And just on case you havent caught on yet, these negative comments discuss me, get a life.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  43. Rebecca says

    Mia Doring this post says more about you my dear and the resentment you hold onto and your troubled past you have had, then Tony Robbins. You are apart of a big problem of people who are intelligent enough to do a degree, but haven’t had the life experience to know and be in touch with your own internal termoil. Be the change! Be apart of the solution. Tony loves everyone.. Maybe you should love yourself more and then you might find forgiveness.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says


  44. Dane Dormio says

    Two more cents for the tip jar:

    I’m not a fan or a hater. I’ve listened to some of Tony’s programs, never been to any of his events. Just out of curiosity, while researching narcissism, I decided to do a google search for “is tony robbins a narcissist”. This article and one other came up. (It is here, and well worth a read:

    This article does nothing to display the author’s maturity or intellect. My overall perception is that I’m reading a description of Tony Robbins by someone who doesn’t like him, but there is nothing to learn here, just an uninformed rant. When I looked up the sexual abuse survivor who was a focal point of this article, I found out that her name is Dawn Watson and she has gone on to become a successful coach in Brazil and attributes her turning point to the Date With Destiny seminar: The author could doubtless strengthen her professional credibility with more fact checking and less armchair quarterbacking.

    Ironically, the fact that this is the worst “dirt” that I can dig up on Tony Robbins actually increases my respect for him. If he was actually a terrible person, his critics would be able to do much worse than grasp at straws like this.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says


  45. R says

    I had this feeling that the person in most need of his help is Tony Robbins himself. He seems really hurt… well… that being said… stay away from ppl telling you how to live and how to feel… false prophets. 🙂

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  46. Aoife Casey says

    I think he was thinking Braveheart with the bag pipes.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  47. Scott Harrison says

    I’m gad you wrote this exposé. The guy’s a charlatan of course, and charlatans prey on the vulnerable. He’s like a Word of Faith televangelist – minus Jesus. A lot of his techniques are oddly similar, a kind of coercive, hyped-up hysteria. You detect the same in cult leaders, political demagogues. How does he fool so many? But we could ask the same question of dictators and religious leaders the world over, throughout the centuries.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
    2. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      yeah, i guess Oprah, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev are vulnerable

      1. Michael Sico says

        Well all three are Narcissists so yes they definitely are vulnerable deep down. Narcissists always have a deep void and are searching. So another Narcissist like Tony Robbins would appeal to Oprah, Bill Clinton, Gorbachev

  48. Jim Marks says

    Phony Robbins! He’s a confidence man who appeals to a section of society who are looking for answers. When people are looking for answers, they tend to be slightly easier to influence and manipulate. Tony is a salesperson front and centre..literally.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  49. Chris Loewen says

    I know two of his coaches personally. The one guy ran a RTM ready to move houses building company. Well the business went into the Gutter. He treat his suppliers staff like shit. Walking into the lumber yard like he was king shit. Till the lumber company didn’t want to do business with him. He was doing good till he could no longer ship houses into the U.S because of tge exchange rate. After his business folded he tried bringing it back but couldn’t. So then he got into this coaching with tony Robbins. That’s just 2 example.
    So now he is a coach telling people how to run their life. No thanks I’ve lived 40+ years done some amazing things with no coach.

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  50. AussieDownUnder says

    My direct experience with Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” is that he is just a smart con man who was wise enough to clue into using hypnosis and mind-manipulation techniques to get people to do things.
    I am out of pocket over $1700 for an event I never attended, because after being taking into the super-hype to walk hot coals which in itself is a FANTASTIC experience, I was manipulated by a ticket seller hired within his organisation that I later saw on stage performing as a HYPNOTIST, who tried the following manipulations on me – when I was unemployed, utterly broke and dealing with the death of my father :
    “Sell your car, do what ever you have to get the money to go to Date with Destiny.”
    “You need this, your life is evident of it, look around you. Your life now reflects how you have failed so far.”
    Bla bla bla.
    During the 3 days of UPW, a woman who clearly had been seeking to escape the horrors of her traumatising experience, sought the Great Man’s advice – saying she couldn’t get past reliving the pack rape in a public toilet. He told her “Let it go. You’re holding on to it”. He then just dismissed her as though the rape was all in her head or she was insignificant in some way.
    He is a completely IGNORANT selfish, arrogant, manipulative narcissist – 100% – with NO self insight, and the world has BOUGHT into him just because he is smart enough to use some techniques that are in fact – when in the right hands – can be put to great use. He, sadly, just puts it to use to line his own pockets.
    I KNOW from professional and personal experience, that NO ONE can KNOW what YOU have been through UNLESS they have BEEN through a very similar experience. You can be sympathetic, you can be compassionate and sensitive, but unless you have been through some kind of horrific traumatising event, you have NO BUSINESS giving any one advice – you can only give an opinion.
    So, love the Great Man if you want. I have attended one of his events, been ripped off by the company that represents his ticket sales for his events, I have witnessed how he speaks AT and DOWN to people who PAY THOUSANDS to attend his events. I am a trained psychiatric nurse and I have researched a lot of brain manipulation techniques, and despite my decades earlier interest in the Tony Robbins way of being, and the hot coals walk, I see him as being little more than a manipulative arrogant soulless character of poor ethics and completely lacking in compassion. I do not believe for a moment that he really endured any kind of ongoing abuse – although, if he did, this would explain how he has become manipulative because he comes across as coldly disconnected and completely indifferent to real people.
    Sorry, absolutely NO LONGER a fan – and as this is just a sharing of an opinion – I would appreciate that no one be the JERK that HeadStuff refer to… I don’t need you to be a nasty troll hellbent on attacking me just because you dislike something I have said. Thank you.

  51. Schea Vidar says

    I consider T.Robbins as very profound,deep and sincere. I will encourage the author to study his work and results over decades. You have a lot to learn. Good luck as you grow and learn about yourself and your motivation for what you say about other people. Mvh Vidar Schea Norway

    1. Jason Ambrosino says
  52. Jason Ambrosino says
  53. Jason Ambrosino says
  54. Lea Pogorzelski says

    But you never went of any of his event i assume! So how could u tell the man is a jerk just based on a documentary???Actually the documentary is bad…after watching i didnt want To.go To DWD, was a “gift” from my parents, after lot of clinics, psychiatrics etc They didnt know how To put me back on track, was their Last shot…i was so skeptical,with my scientific Dentist background, thought “this man without any degree” blabla…went there just for the opportunity To see miami…and it changed my life, i m so grateful to had the chance to got there, after décades of therapy..
    He has a money back policy if you want To walk out after the second day…so just go and after you could fairly judging

  55. Leila says

    i am so so so so happy that i am not the only one seeing all this manipulation – WOW!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MIA for this EXCELLENT article – i am SO HAPPY there are super intelligent and eloquent people such as you who are bright beacons of light – thank you again – i am so grateful for your putting into words EXACTLY how i felt about the above – wow – and by the way you are SO FUNNY :)))

  56. Sharon says

    I totally agree he is con man, he’s very intimidating and to forceful. After watching his documentary on Netflix I was shocked how rudely he speaks to people he swears it’s so off putting he needs to sort his foul mouth out first .

  57. Hover42 says

    A fool and his money are quickly parted my pop used to say.

  58. The Watcher says

    Fuck Tony Robbins Bitch Ass. Cracker Muthafucka.

    1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      Oprah disagrees. Does that make her an Aunt Tomisina? hope you can read this from your prison cell

  59. Tina Tihonovich says

    Wow! This is exactly what I felt when I was watching the documentary.
    At first I thought that something is wrong with me when I saw that so many people adored him. At the same time I just felt sick from his harsh words and attitude towards vulnerable people. Glad I read this article so I know that I’m not alone.

  60. Jon says

    Unfortunately Mia, Tony is not unusual in the shrink-positive attitude profession, I guy with a big ego, patronizing, white, entitled, making big bucks in spite of himself and all his altruism. Can’t help it can he? , oh and he’s doing humanity a favor don’t forget. You can find many dealing out trouble in Guantanamo.Saving, the deserving aren’t they? Whites, of course. Sure, his so called therapy is not safe for suicidal cases or any other cases in fact but have you ever seen a psychologist disiciplined by the APA for that matter ? A little while ago their president acknowledged they were riddled with quacks.if these guys are supposed to be sane what is everybody else ?

    Jon Hicken

  61. duda says

    I hated it so much.I cant even describe it.Some tips I even liked but today I was talking with a student of psychology whom works in my high school and I just realized that.This is insane.By the first record,I thought it was a lie.He told us people like Tony were working in their no-professional area.And then I watched the”I am not your guru”.This is I N S A N E!!!Depression is a disease and suicide thoughts are bad bad symptoms!!!Just as a person who has heart issues is crashing,suicide also is!Its insane how still non visible this is.Even when lots of people deal with it.Im pretty sad.

  62. sarah nixon says

    I have never read or seen any full lectures from Tony Robbins. I know of him seeing the late night infomercials. That is what peaked my curiosity about the Neflix documentary. And though I probably had thoughts of narcissism & “reel in the money”- I felt “to each his own”. What helps one person may not help another- who are we to judge? It’s not like Tony Robbins is asking them to forsake their family & life & follow, so the cult thing needs to be discounted. He’s obviously believes in God but doesn’t preach God’s Word. If anything- I’d say he’s guilty of greed. He could still be a billionaire if he made his therapeutic abilities more affordable.
    As far as this author- you are far too cynical & negative, as well as many of the responders. Once again- I was purely interested bc he was plastered all over infomercials & I was curious what this dude was about. Ya, he has quite the F*** mouth & seems a bit over the top but his point is to get their attention, help them HELP THEMSELVES. As far as the suicidal kid & especially the Children of God(ya- do your research) survivor, I believe you are the most negative, unfeeling(other than your dog shared tears) person. I could actually see that TR had genuine desire to save these young souls from ending their nearly lived lives. And you could see he was quite disturbed by Dawn’s story when he went backstage. BTW- did you do your writer’s research on DAWN WATSON? I did- not only did TR help her & get her the psychological coaching- she helps other victims & is happy.
    And TR is not my guru & I have literally watched 1 segment of a seminar of his since the documentary. Get some help yourself.

    1. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

      bravo. standing ovation

  63. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

    terribly biased essay. He’s not for everybody and says so. If you listen to others in the same field, there is commonality.
    Don’t argue just because you don’t like him, to advise no one to study with him, especially given the names of celebrities who endorse him. He’s not your guru obviously, and you’re not mine, or anyone.

    1. Gee says

      Right because celebrity endorsements are the gold standard. You sound as kooky as your kook guru. You obviously can’t stand facts and probably were only able to passed 3rd grade thanks to your mom sleeping with the principal. Now how about you go die in a fire MMMMkaayyy?

  64. disqus_ueZfKo7cSH says

    If being a jerk resulted in removal, this thread would be a scintilla of what it is

  65. Jonny says

    So I watched the doco. Came online to see if he had any critics and decided to read this. Yes he has some deluded ideas at times however he also gives some very good arguments. So you are going to blame him for others letting him manipulate them in the year 2018? That doesn’t make sense. You didn’t have to tell us you were hungover for us to notice, it reads like someone who is on an angry rant after a weekend bender. You are just as deluded as he is.

  66. Juan Carlos Quesada says

    I was a mentor coach with Tony Robbins for 4 years. All in this article is true. there is No profound change. Its just temporary focus on emotions. I change my life after I left Tony Robbins and realize that Tonys teaching is not even close to what I know today and confirmed spirituallly. Tony is there for the MONEY, its called ambition originates from our EGO: Blessings…

  67. Matthew McClennan says

    This is only convincing if people already see it the way you see it.

  68. Chris Bramley says

    Great article, Mia.

    Tony is the epitomy of a cultist. I don’t think he presents as malignant at a guess but I am certain he’s a raging narcissist.

  69. coco says

    I have not seen the doc, but I was given tickets to attend a 4-day seminar. The first two days, Tony only appeared on a screen. There was another speaker who wasn’t too bad. On day three, Tony shows up, and starts telling countless stories about himself.After hearing himse the pronoun “I” ad nauseam, I believe he’s a narcissistic, megalomaniac. Here’s my experience: the seminar I attended was at an arena. TR mentioned several times that there were 13,000 people present. There was more pounding music, dancing, clapping, jumping, fist pumping, and strobing lights than a Super Bowl half time show. Some of these “peak state” sessions lasted 30-35 minutes. Then came the getting into your feelings sharing/confessing to your neighbors activities with interludes of standing up so you can massage the person next to you or hug five of your neighbors (strangers)As if that wasn’t enough bonding with strangers he had us double high five, five people after sticking our index fingers in our nostrils while sharing three of our negative beliefs with a neighbor and telling this is bullshit. Good time for a potty break. That was not even the strangest exercise. After a “peak-stage” pumping session, Tony does a guided imagery activity. He had us close our eyes and envision how we would feel if we obtained everything we ever wanted and express our joy. It was invigorating. Then he had us envision losing it all and express our pain again. 13,000 people were frantically crying, screaming, and cursing, except for one (that I know of). I stood there aghast as I watched. WTF!!! I thought this is what hell must be like. Then the brainwashing begins with repetitive chants. In all, there were some nuggets of sound advice, nothing earth shattering or life-changing. But there was way too much bullshit, head games, so I walked out. I only stayed si long because I knew the ticket had cost so much. If you want to know what you’re missing, you can hear him on YouTube for free, but don’t waste your money.

  70. Spring troll says

    This is brilliant X-D

  71. Reggie91 says

    I watched a Robbins meeting on TV once. Not knowing at all who he was the very first thing that came to mind was “Con Man” To me is what all about him..and what he can do for you for $$$$$. The guy reminds me of Jim and Tammy Baker.
    Robbins could sell ice to Eskimos and overcharge for it and he has his con down pat. Robbins will counsel you on marriage yet is divorced himself and pays his ex to stay silent about his work. That tells the tale,

  72. Bob Forrest says

    Jealous much?

  73. Rachel says

    I just walked out of Date With Destiny in Palm Beach, Florida. It was just not for me. It seemed very cult-ish. People were repeating this particular phrase over and over again for an individual that was On stage and suicidal…I mean the crowd probably said these 4 same words over 50 times. I had to get up and leave. I couldn’t stand to hear it one more time, and who the hell knows how many more times they repeated it while I was outside. People just seemed absolutely brainwashed and in a daze at the event. Sorry, I’ll continue paying my trained and college educated psychologist and work with her on my very minor issues.

  74. Gary Sutherland says

    “I want to punch Tony hard in his giant face” Actually did laugh out loud. Great article very funny and spot on.

  75. Deborah Lurie Edery says

    Tony Robbins left an abusive home at 17.He has a high school degree and no formal training as a therapist.

    In 1984, Robbins fathered a child with former girlfriend Liz Acosta. The son, Jairek Robbins, is also a personal empowerment trainer Also In 1984, Robbins married Rebecca “Becky” Jenkins after meeting her at a seminar. Jenkins had three children from two former marriages, whom Robbins adopted. Robbins and Jenkins filed for divorce in 1998.

    .In October 2001, Robbins married Bonnie “Sage” Robbins They live in Manalapan, Florida.

    And people pay $5,000 for relationship advice from his man and learn how to take money from desperate people?

  76. James Lambert says

    Over many years, I have been to pretty much all of Tony Robbins seminars. He sold his wealth mastery seminars to thousands around the world teaching Options Trading, we got a huge confusing manual-book from him ( supposedly the keys to trading options ) 15 years later I am a successful options trader through my own learning and better guidance … when i read read his now it is absolutely not possible to succeed this way… i run a test for 6 months purely on his strategies … they all lose money. This guy is a master conman. He steals other people content ..thats why the court case with Wade Cook … his NLP strategies from Bandler and Grinder also a forced settlement was made …..

    The last seminar i did with Tony Robbins, it just felt sick, it was like mass hypnosis and so many unstable weird people …it was frightening.

    be careful he is a master at getting his hands on your money !

  77. Sarah says

    Perfectly put Mia. I was put into those seminars since I was 15 by a family member. It was comforting at the time however I suffered in the long term as I did not address any real issues and was conditioned to always be ‘positive.’ Now that I am out of it, thankfully, I can see that it is a cult
    Thanks for this!

  78. Paper tiger says

    Tony says…give me the money, honey.

  79. Josephine says

    Seems to be something very cultish about this guy and his following

  80. lilysahiful says

    I disagree. I watch it on Netflix. It was eye-opening. I believe if Tony is right in front of you now, you cannot spill this in front of his face. He pinches your gut first.

  81. Doddy 173 says

    This is a very negative article and comes across as very bitter quite simply. I can’t speak for the author’s reasons for their bitterness towards Tony – but it’s nonetheless there. Perhaps it’s just the hangover talking. How can you trust someone’s balanced opinions when they’re feeling like death’s door hungover?!
    A bit of context here though for people who don’t know: Robbins has coached some of the most successful people who have lived in the last century. A quick google search tells me he has coached the following to name but a few: Bill Clinton, Oprah, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, and Hugh Jackman. Now he did not make them successful by himself – of course not. But if they wanted to see him to become more successful or happier in their lives (which it’s very reasonable to assume they did!), then he must be doing something right. Sure, his seminars may be happy-clappy ‘cultish’ affairs and I admit I found them a little nauseatingly American. Yep, I’m British/Australian and I find over-the-top positivity from Americans a little nauseating in general – because it’s not in my culture and I find it deluded, unrealistic and cultish. Yet I do love Americans positivity and friendliness nevertheless in general. I digress.
    The point is he does have a gift to help people. Swearing does cut through to the heart of the matter and so is useful. You might not like something, but if it works, it works. He has a very big ego but this gives him an enormous presence. And being in the presence of someone with a huge presence (and ego), can be very healing and spiritual. Of course the people he helps for a few minutes at a time on the doc in front of 1000’s of people can’t have their issues solved there and then! And I don’t think Tony would believe he has solved it in that space of time either. But he would have started the healing process by being completely with them, present and lifting them up spiritually as he CLEARLY does. The issue here is the trained psychologists and trained psychotherapists don’t like this. They don’t like that he isn’t classically trained or following some guidelines. He is a coach who lifts people up and cuts to the chase very quickly and gets results. Therapists are also very important but they serve a different purpose. They heal people but much more slowly and within a set framework. And they focus almost entirely on the negative and look to re-work a patient’s brain to seeing things differently and interact with the world differently therefore. Coaches like Tony won’t do this deeper work typically. But they can shortcut someone from the pits of despair to hope – and that is worth its weight in gold. I don’t however think just a bit of brief spiritual help and a lifting of the soul is sufficient. If you have serious issues with suicide for example yes you should see a trained professional therapist. But my word it wouldn’t half hurt to also see someone as uplifting and inspiring as Tony to give you some practical tools to elevate you further. The way I see it is therapists take people from a minus score to 0. Coaches take people from zero to hero if you’ll pardon my very American expression 😉 And just as a therapist wouldn’t want to be judged based on a few minutes of their work; similarly it’s unfair to judge Tony on a few mins of a documentary! Both therapists and coaches have their place and we’d do well to accept that instead of vilifying the other camp because they’re not in our camp. Because at the end of the day that’s just childish and immature.

  82. Clint says

    I was extremely sceptical on any of these life coaches self help programs. But my partner persuaded me to keep an open mind. I went to the date with Destiny and my life took the biggest transformation and I have been living to my purpose ever since 2018. I have tony robbins to thank for this. There are plenty of successful people in the world that have not got degrees or a high education and get the job done. Some people have the education of life! I . I don’t care if he doesn’t have a degree or diploma all I know is he got results for me and my partner and our friends.I believe that you need professionals to help with what ever it is in life that needs work done to it. I believe in investing in yourself as there is no formal education program at schools that helps in teaching you about the spiritual, mental and emotional challenges of life and how to deal and process it, but best of all be self reliant and not dependent on the medical industry.

  83. Shawn Johnson says

    We decided to purchase date with destiny ticket in Australia for the April 2020 event. When COVID-19 became a world pandemic all the other providers, meaning hotels airlines and refunded our money Even though they had no refund policy’s. Yet Tony and SR resources will not refund our money. Instead we’ve been given the option to attend the new date in September. When I mentioned my wife had a compromised immune system and would not want to be around 2000 people in close quarters this September it meant nothing to them. So when it really comes down to action it’s clear Tony is nothing more than just words. And that’s fine as it’s a lesson learned and our hope is we can save others from dealing with this charlatan. If we have to, we will go down Attend the first day of the seminar and tell Tony and his crew what a bunch of assholes they are and apply for 100% refund.

  84. Andrea Scappini says

    I had bought a tony Robbins course many years ago, and used the material for a few days, but later asked for a refund. I though my money was worthed more then those generic advice which was a prelude to buying more of their courses and seminars. I did watch a bit of the Netflix Doumentary and it sickenig to see fragile people being manipulated like that.

  85. Bill says

    That was not a therapist’s review. You are no therapist – just another critic! Did you mention the millions of people that have transformed there lives through “Date with Destiny?”

  86. He’s only successful because of his looks.

  87. disqus_rvC3krP3Lp says

    Geez . . .you watch a TV show and that makes you an expert? The truth is that a lot of what TR teaches is cognitive behavior therapy . . .What you focus on is the quality of you life . . .like anything you can find fault with him but if you don’t think a strong mindset would be beneficial than this stuff is not for you . .

    1. Alexander_Supertramp says

      Hi Tony!

  88. sramorino says

    The only thing that’s more mind boggling to me than how Tony Robbins gets away with this stuff is why Netflix still promotes this kind of hucksterism. Of course it makes money, but the ideas and mentalities he is promoting are hurtful and toxic. Anything to make a quick $, eh Netflix?

  89. ghetto investor says

    Old thread but watched tonight. Never seen such a bunch of Karens as on this board. Sheesh. He’s helped many folks. As yourselves what kind of impact have you had on people lives (good and bad)? This board is cancel culture before cancel culture became a thing.

  90. Peter Turner says

    Tony uses the power of suggestion on weak minded people who are desperate for answers to their problems.Sometimes all a person needs is some positive affirmations from somebody else to turn their life around.Good article,especially since done with a hangover.

  91. Melek says

    well…someone has to pay the personal plastic surgeon of Tony’s wife for the rather bad job. Now you know where the seminar fee (2500 x $5K!) is partly transferred to…

  92. Alexandre Melo says

    Thanks heaps for your article Mia . He is just the supreme leader of hundreds of millions of coaches around the world . I used to watch him on You Tube and was watching him right now live , as he is giving a free workshop with his same old schemata . As soon as I started reading your lines I stopped watching kkkkk. OWWW . 5k !!!! . I can travel with this amount ( US 5000.00 = BRL REAL 27.147,50 🙂

    I can go backpacking around Brazil and Argentina with this money . A lot better 🙂

  93. Kyran says

    All of you people are tapped . He’s ( Tony robbins ) is only portraying himself in the way that presents himself to the people he’s engaged with upfront and blatantly because he’s not there to soften them or tell them everything’s going to be okay he’s primed on showing them there own reflection.
    How on earth when someone is suicidal does it help when you tell that one person that everything will be okay or it will change soon or even trying to get them to see reasons why not to be suicidal. If that worked in this world people wouldn’t be suicidal?
    He presents and portrays himself to those that are seeking guidance or are feeling lost in the way the the human mind has to acknowledge, the recipient has to take in the information whether they relay it as a message a signal or whatever they may do with it but they will register it .
    If he was to be fake and be nice and tell them that everything will be okay when he clearly believes that’s not the case he is going to try and help them realise there self worth .
    So that suicidal man at the start he mentioned that his life hasn’t even started because he’s so young he used profound language in hope that this will speak loud to that individual to make hum aware that he may be feeling like he can’t go on but he’s got years ahead of him years to live years to breathe years to cherish .
    He’s still got good things coming his way .
    Everybody that’s written a review on the negative spectrum about Tony literally sound uneducated because if you knew really the message of “I’m not your guru” you wouldn’t be claiming that he’s claiming he is by stating he isn’t . It’s a title for one and for two it’s a message as a whole when you evaluate the documentary.
    Everyone of you has been biased said all the things you think are negative about him and even when there’s a positive you shower it with negativity. Fix up

  94. LBD says

    Youtube journalist “münecat” just did a special on this which brought me to this page. Her deep dive into his background and manipulative tactics are so useful to understanding his BS. I’m glad that people are looking into what he really is. He has so many issues with women it’s really disturbing (but then he does claim friendships with many known abusers).

  95. Laurie Cestnick says

    Being in the field of psychology/neuropsychology for almost 20 years, I have no negative biases against this man. He has helped more people than your average psychologist/neuropsychologist and the goal is to help others, based upon that alone, why attack him? Why not interview the people who there that worked with him as opposed to passing judgement on what he did or did not do for those people?

    1. Laurie Cestnick says

      Having said that, I watched some of the above mentioned video and I in part agree with you. I have seen some amazing videos by him and this is not one of them, e.g. ideas related to OCD, poor executive functioning, other anxieties, etc. likely came into play with one woman who says she is “always late and indecisive” …there are other videos where he has been more helpful.

  96. Hani Faraj says

    Tony Robbins isn’t perfect. But I think he’s probably quicker to get you a result than a therapist who wants you to pay them 100’s of dollars a session.

    The people who have been helped by Tony Robbins are a mile long. Look it up. Mark Bionoff of Market cap rate of 17 billion dollars started coaching with Robbins while an executive at Oracle. Mark Swears by tony.

    The whole point of Tony or Therapy of any kind isn’t that you are dependent on anyone. Its that you develop the tools to “HELP YOURSELF.”

    I have most of the tony Robbins audio programs. Not once does he say, you need me, he gives you the power to change your issues yourself and the understanding of why you do what you do.

  97. M.G. says

    Are you reading these comments, Ms Doring? I just wanted to let you know. I LOVE THAT ARTICLE SOOOO MUCH 😀 Yesterday youtube suggested me somehow that suicidal tony robbins video and i instantly had the same thoughts as you. Today, googled and found this beautiful article. Well written. I love it! 🙂 I love how you think and write! 🙂 Have a nice day

  98. person says

    Totally agree with this article. I have seen parts of this documentary. I would not be able to sit thru the whole thing. I’ve seen footage from his other “seminars”. He is grotesque. He is a raging narcissist, and he’s abusive. He is an ego-maniac. It is very cult-like. The frenzy he whips the crowd into, over and over again. EXTREME LOUDNESS is worshipped. The music is BLASTED constantly, and the orders to the crowd to make noise and get into “state”. He is garish. It’s creepy, pseudo, cult-like.

  99. Marina Munoz Herrero says

    Well, you can say what you said, yet, this guy has proven , and proven, AND proven, that the vast majority of people attending his seminars transform their lives in very powerful ways. Even the suicidals…

    I take it you haven’t attended a seminar, so is it easy to judge from the outside? Maybe double check your facts? He is not made only of “reading articles”, this is a man that cares with his heart, plus he has 40 + years of experience … and I could go on and on and on, but you get the point.

    Having attended “quality therapy” I find that therapists kind of get jealous of what he can do in a couple of hours that therapists can’t in years. Would it make you more comfortable if he had a certificate? I would take his experience with millions around the world, his heart, and his proven results over a certificate.

    I am not your GURU, is actually telling people that they don’t need to relinquish power over anyone, and teaches that we have what we need inside, we just need to remember it. Do we sometimes need guidance? Very often yes, to remember our greatness… Maybe watch the film when you are in your 5 senses and not “hung over”.

    Thank you

  100. Grant Hayward says

    Wow could you possibly be even more of a negative person? You have taken everything good and twisted it into something bad. Totally unfair and totally wrong. You ‘review’ is a very bad joke. Pathetic.

  101. steven manwaring says

    So, first of all. Saying that you are hung over does nothing, but weaken your argument. Also you, yourself acknowledged that it was a 72 hour seminar broken down into like 2 hours so of course you are not going to get the full picture. And I fear that this is a highly biased opinion based account of what you think happened. It’s very hard to listen to someone who actually presumes to know what someone actually thinks or believes even though what they say it to the contrary. We simply can never actually know what anyone else actually thinks. Also for the few interactions that were shown in the Netflix special. There were some profound things that Tony demonstrated. I will be honest it felt very uncomfortable for me to watch that girl basically be forced to break up with her boyfriend, and since it doesn’t show the full process it took to get to that point, so I will never know for sure, but I can say this. I have seen many men and women stay in a relationship that they are not happy in and grow resentful, but since the pain is spread out over years and there is never one thing they can use to rationalize leaving. They end up living a horribly unsatisfying life. That is one example but there are numerous examples of why people stay in relationships that are ultimately detrimental to their emotional well-being. Maybe they are just too scared to leave because they are afraid of the unknown. Maybe it’s for religious reasons. Maybe it’s because they can’t stand the idea of being alone and they are afraid they won’t ever find someone again. Or it could be that they just don’t know how to deal with the emotional turmoil that it causes to end a bad relationship. I could go on and on but I will just sum it up like this. It’s just like the millions of people who work a job their whole life because they just cant see a way out that would not leave them with nothing so they go on living a life they hate. Now without the full context I can’t say for sure if this was a justified action, but I can see a lot of ways that it could be. Tony is very good at creating a catalyst for change and that woman clearly expressed the need for change and that her partner was a big part of holding her back and based on the way he reacted I’d say it was quite possibly the right decision that saved her from a lifetime of resentment. Also in the case of dawn. The one from the cult. I felt a little uncomfortable about that too, but you cannot argue with the results. She has her own practice now and is doing very well and last I heard she still keeps in touch with the men she chose to be her “uncles” and your right no one probably thought he “wanted” her but he recognized that she has been conditioned that any kind of attention from a man means they want her in a sexual way. And he was saying what he said to make sure she understands that she has worth and she deserves to be loved just for who she is. Also another problem I have with your assessment is that you say over and over that he always talks about how gifted he is, but he only says that to be taken in contrast to where we was when he was struggling to make sure people understand that they too can achieve what he has achieved and also for relatability. The self help industry is filled with false teachers and “guru’s” i try to take a scientific approach to everything and try to eliminate any biases that may affect my conclusion and at this time I do support Tony Robbins and believe he is the real deal based on his tactics and his actions inside and outside of the seminar arena. But that is subject to change just like anything else. It’s approaches like this that truly upset me, not because of Tony Robbins, but because of the other implications this type of mindset can have on the world if used by enough people. You probably hang up on the irs or any government agency if they call you and it’s someone with a thick Indian accent.

  102. Nick Follett says

    I could use a little brainwashing, to be honest.

  103. Julian says

    Wow. You’re obviously a pessimist who only sees worth in people by their regurgitated credentials. Could smell you and your issues from miles away.

  104. Chris says

    When people are so in need of help, really struggling, they will listen to anybody and anything, they are very vulnerable. They lose their basic instincts to identify BS when they hear it. After all the drama of the woman who broke up with her boyfriend over the phone played out, she went back to him. What??? What about the full sweet release of being untethered to somebody who was so totally wrong for her? Being true to oneself. The body’s soul of being free from things that were clearly and utterly destructive, causing all this pain seemed to have changed its mind. I am also curious as to why all the close up shots and participants were mainly of attractive women. Is there any correlation to Tony’s need to preview his targets physically as opposed to accepting what’s written and not seen? The sincerity of his work really stands out when he proclaims that monumental change in a person’s life can be tracked down to one moment, however when asked what his moment was, he paused for a while and conveyed that there was not one moment, but a series of moments that accumulated over time. What? The woman who was sexually abused from childhood walked away with 3 uncles who are to call her every six months. No worries, she picked them because she had all the time to get acquainted with all male participants in 15 seconds. I am extremely dubious and disappointed in what I saw. I was really excited about seeing this guy in action as I always thought his presentation style was one of sincerity and trust. Despite my opinions here, I admire his conviction and accomplishments in building his empire.

  105. Mike Slatton says

    OMG! This was so funny. Great article.

  106. Magnolia A says

    The people he preaches to stare at him with such awe it makes me sick. It’s like they think he’s a god. Even I found myself getting drawn in when he spoke, so I wrote down the words he was saying and then read them out loud to myself. I realized how absolutely insane, unhelpful and disgusting some things he said were. He is no guru, or psychological genius. He is a narcissistic man who is trying to run a cult; and I believe he has succeeded.

  107. Ivana Radosavljevic says

    Go get another drink darling. You shouldn’t talk about the things you don’t know or understand as you don’t have the capacity to understand neuro science. You judge 42 year career of a man based on 1h documentary that you didn’t even understand. If you are psychotherapist, I pitty your patients.

  108. Jim says

    Bitter therapist hating on success. The amount of messed up therapists is crazy, no pun intended. No mention of all the millions of people Tony has positively impacted, or the charity work Tony does.

  109. J Carlo says

    oh my god – i am dying laughing – this was fantastic

  110. Michael Koth says

    Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they look for a place to dump it. And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me. You’ll be happier.

    Mia Doring? Never heard of you

  111. randomaccount123 says

    Ok, please tear me apart if I am a fool here but it’s a concept I’ve been struggling with. Let’s say I agree that he’s an uneducated narcissistic psychopath as many of the commenters have seem to have claimed. He holds no advanced degrees in psychology and renowned psychologists who have endorsed him are only doing so for the money. Holding all that true, does he help people? What if he paraded around the earth and made suicidal individuals beg for his help on their hands and knees but then with his help they were no longer suicidal? Don’t the ends justify the means here? If you buy a placebo but the placebo tricks you into feeling better, does it matter all that much that it’s a placebo?
    I can agree that, if all the things I mentioned about him before are true, that this is a less than ideal approach to mental health; however, isn’t a less ideal path better than no path? You could claim that touting false or over-simplified psychology leads to poorer mental health but I don’t think he would be anywhere near as successful as he is if his methods didn’t work on some people.
    Most of the arguments I’ve read against him are that he’s a thousand forms of a bad guy but people consistently come back to him. He sells out shows over and over again. And I saw some comments that he sells tickets to “weak-minded” people but I think that might be a touch narcissistic of the “strong-minded” commenter.

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