Sol 2 | Celebrating Mars Israeli Culture Night

We decided on Sol 0, that since we are an international crew, we should take turns hosting a culture night/meal every other night during our time at the MDRS to represent the different nations in our crew. First up was Roy, our HSO and geologist, who is from a Kibbutz in Israel. We have to thank him for this great idea and thanks to all the people from his home country who sent him suggestions of food he could prepare for us on Israeli culture night.

And so last night we had our first culture night. Donning his national flag proudly in the communal area, Roy took us to Israel for the evening, preparing a delicious meal of mixed beans, potato, and garlic, followed by his national snack of Bamba which we dipped in peanut butter, nutella, honey or maple syrup (yum!). Next up was a cup of the velvety turkish coffee (which has quite a caffeine kick to it) and lastly we all played a card game ‘Memory Game Kibbutz’, a series of cards with handprinted scenes of different aspects of kibbutz living. Each card is duplicated and  turned down and the aim of the game is to find a matching pair. In addition to the fun of struggling to remember the location of a pair, Roy explained the relevance of the image to the his community.

Idriss Sisaid Roy Naor in MDRS
Idriss Sisaid Roy Naor show their National Flags in the HAB airlock before their EVA.

It was a great night and a reminder again of how lucky we are to be here on the Mars Desert Research Station. In addition to simulating the Martian landscape that we venture out into on our EVAs, we also have the privilege of experiencing working with international teams, a key aspect of all human space exploration (and reaping the benefits of learning about new cultures on planet Earth).

I’m up next for Culture night at MDRS. I have an Irish meal in mind (sort of) and am preparing some Irish-themed activities for the evening. But the pressures on. ‘Cos Roy aced it. Yikes!

Slán go foill
Niamh Shaw, Crew Artist & Journalist Crew 173

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Photographs courtesy of Niamh Shaw. Journal Report originally filed for the Mars Desert Research Station